Wolverine, Justice League, Spider-Man 3: March 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Tyler Mane talked to MTV about the possibility of Sabretooth appearing in the spin-off. "We will see," Mane said. "There is talk of a Wolverine-Sabretooth [plot], and we will see what happens with that." Mane may be coy because they also discuss the idea of Vinnie Jones returning as the Juggernaut and facing off against the ol' Canucklehead.


Many US fans know the property as "Battle of the Planets," you can find some preview art work if you check out the Imagi site and click on "our films." Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles has more rumors about the CGI project that expands on what exactly can be seen in the images.


What would the League be without the Bat? According to IESB, we won't have to find out. Their studio insider source wrote, "I ain't a fan of 'SUPERMAN RETURNS' and hope we don't see Routh in the role again unless it is in a 'JLA' movie, but I can tell you one thing: BATMAN is 100 percent going to be in the 'JLA' movie they're developing at Warner Brothers. So I wonder/question how reliable that other web-site's sources are ... Naturally, you and I never had this conversation!"


We got an email from Bill Vaughan of Tasty Clips who had this to say about the beleaguered Marvel project: "I interviewed Tyrese a couple of weeks ago. He got a little rude while I asked Luke Cage questions. Dude actually started playing the piano! He didn't have much to say we haven't heard already. However, on the Transformers, he revealed that Shia LaBeouf (who he called the star of the film) and he (calling himself the second lead) are not under contract to do any sequels. He told me he doesn't die in the flick and he hinted he's anticipating a HUGE payday to come back. He also said he didn't do as much blue screen work as people are thinking and that he wish he could see the finished film for the first time like he used to watch the TV show: in his underwear eating a bowl of cereal!" Okay, maybe too much information. Still, thanks, Bill.


There's tons of news on the web-spinning sequel, starting with new promotional art at Yahoo! Movies. IGN has posted a video featurette about Harry Osborn's new ride. If you're in the mood for registering at a site, the studio's website promises new art from the film's "making of" style book. Back to Yahoo! for a moment, they have an exclusive 60 second clip while Comcast claims that they'll have the final trailer on line tomorrow.


There no am fresh spoilers at Kryptonsite about season finale, which not air May 17th. It no discuss people smart Clark not hitting.


According to the Air Force Times, actor Terrence Howard spent March 16 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., getting a close look at HH-60G Pave Hawk rescue helicopters and the F-22A Raptor as well as having lunch with airmen.


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