Wolverine, Justice League, Man-Thing, Ant-Man: December 29th Comic Reel Wrap


Looking ahead, Suicide Girls has an interview with screenwriter David Benoiff. "It's not even totally finalized what story we are doing. What I can say is that in the X-Men movies we've seen a lot of the sweet Wolverine so I think it's time to mess him up a little bit because all the fans know that he's the best there is at what he does but what he does isn't very nice. Also getting to write 'Snikt' in a comic book is the coolest thing. For what it's worth that's definitely the best Wolverine saga, the whole Lady Mariko and The Hand storyline. I went back and reread the Chris Claremont and Frank Miller miniseries and the Barry Windsor Smith Weapon X." They also have a rumor that Anna Paquin may appear as Rogue in the film.


Comics Continuum notes that January 22nd will mark the return of the hit animated series to Cartoon Network, with part one of a story called "The Once and Future Thing." They also feature screen captures.


The same page at the Continuum has a quote from Fierce Entertainment's Christopher Petzel, producer of the Man-Thing movie, who predicts the film will hit theatres early in 2005. "As far as I am aware Lions Gate is planning a release during the month of April 2005," Petzel said, and said to expect official word in January.


According to Hollywood North Report, "Marvel Studios' Ant-Man is currently in script development as a major motion picture."


That's not a typo. Actor Keanu Reeves is keeping his typical articulate silence about possibilities for a follow up, in Wizard magazine: "I have no idea, man. Hopefully, we captured the spirit of it [in this film] and did it in a way that people who really like the material will be happy with, because the story is so great."


Yahoo! Movies has posted a seven and a half minute featurette of behind the scenes footage which takes you into the Stan Lee cameo in detail and has cast interviews as well.


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