10 Ridiculous Injuries That Wolverine Should Never Have Survived

You can stab him, shoot him, and blow him up with a rocket launcher—next to nothing will keep James Howlett, aka Logan as well as the Wolverine, down for long! Wolvie's insane healing factor helps him shrug off wounds that most other mutants simply can't.

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However, Wolverine's sheer grit is what helps him recover from injuries that would even put other healers out of commission! Today, we're going to look at ten of Wolverine's most impressive healing feats - starting back from when he first debuted as a Hulk villain to his current status as an X-Men member.

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10 Can Easily Drink Two Whole Bottles Of Whiskey

Over the years, we've seen comic book characters die from getting shot, falling off buildings, getting shot, being diced and then stuffed in refrigerators, decapitation, incineration, suffocation, and - again - getting shot. However, we've yet to see any major Marvel heroes die of alcohol poisoning.

That's because characters with healing factors can metabolize alcohol so quickly that large quantities of the stuff won't harm them. Wolverine, in particular, seems to revel in this fact; that guy drinks liquor the way fish drink water. Case in point - Logan once drank two bottles of whiskey without incident. This goes without saying, but DO NOT try to repeat this feat at home - or anywhere at any time, for any reason!

9 Gets Sniped Through The Eye

There's no shortage of skilled shooters in the Marvel Universe; Hawkeye, Black Widow, Taskmaster, the Punisher, and Mockingbird come to mind, but there are many, many more. If you were tasked with killing Wolverine, we recommend doing two things right off the jump; first, you need to cuss out whoever set you up this suicide mission! Next, you need to take a page from the sniper in the picture above and become an expert with long-range rifles.

Now, you need to find a nice perch and line up your shot. The eye seems like a good target to you - after all, it's comprised of nothing but sensitive tissue and nerves. After a brief internal pep talk, you pray to the deity of your choice and take your shot. BANG, you nail Logan right in his eyeball! To your horror, your shot doesn't even phase him. In fact, all you've accomplished is making Wolvie angrier - and letting him know exactly where you are.

8 Vindicator Knocks Him From Westchester To Maine

Normally, James Hudson uses his tremendous strength and fantastic energy-based powers to protect Canada as the Guardian! However, there was a time when Hudson worked under the Vindicator alias - primarily during an era in which he led the Canadian-based team, Alpha Flight.

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For the most part, Alpha Flight sought to use their powers for the betterment of North America. But there were a few times in which Alpha Flight clashed with the X-Men. During one of these skirmishes, Vindicator and Wolverine trade blows. Not wanting to get carved into swiss cheese, Hudson blasted Logan from Westchester, NY to Main! That's one way to take Wolvie for a ride - and also a terrible way to treat your first cousin, once removed.

7 Can Purge Lycanthropy And Vampirism From His System

Vampires and Werewolves seem like the two classic movie monsters that might not ever go out of style.  Vamps and Werewolves are also very prominent in the world of comics - with Blade, Morbius, and the Werewolf by Night being some of the most famous examples that come to mind.

Sadly, Wolverine might not ever be able to join those characters' ranks. Vampirism and Lycanthropy undoubtedly have perks, but they're ultimately diseases in the end. Diseases that James Howlett's healing factor attempt to purge instantly. Reversing the physiological changes that come with Vampirism and Lycanthropy would probably kill a normal man. But then again, there's nothing even remotely normal about Logan.

6 Becomes Roadkill

Ultimate Wolverine genuinely got put through the wringer over the years; he's had his flesh burned off, filled with enough lead to make an artificial landmass, and has fought the Ultimate version of the Hulk - more on that last part later.

At one point in the Ulitmate Marvel Universe, Wolverine got ran over by a semi-truck. Something similar happened to Ch'p from the DC Universe - only the truck was colored yellow to add insult to injury. If Wolvie didn't have one of the best healing factors in the game, he would have been roadkill. Fortunately, James managed to recover a short time after this relatively minor speedbump - pardon the pun.

5 Getting Shot In His Gonads

wolverine punisher shot

Garth Ennis, the writer behind Preacher and The Boys, must hate most superheroes. The Punisher, Superman, and Wonder Woman are some of the only exceptions to this trend. To wit, Ennis once harbored a bitter grudge against James Howlett - believing the mutant to be obnoxious and idiotic overall.

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Ennis had Frank Castle systematically butcher Logan - at one point blasting his face off and battering him with a baseball bat. To add icing to the cake, Ennis had Castle blast off Wolvie's parts with a machine gun! James' healing factor kept him from bleeding out and becoming sterile, but it couldn't protect him from the sheer pain of that attack - nothing probably could.

4 Torn In Half By The Hulk

Truth be told, everyone's probably heard about this fight by now, but we had to revisit it all the same. After all, it's not every day that Wolverine and the Hulk square off for a fight. It's even rarer to see a battle between two popular characters end so gruesomely!

During the Wolverine vs the Hulk miniseries, James battles the jade Giant numerous times. Logan holds his own better than most other heroes would, but the Hulk eventually overpowers him - then tears Wolvie in two! The Hulk tosses Logan's bisected torso miles away - prompting James to crawl back and retrieve his legs.

3 Magneto Rips Out All Of Wolverine's Adamantium

The Master of Magnetism versus a guy whose skeleton is coated in metal - this matchup seems pretty clear cut, doesn't it? During the Fatal Attractions storyline, the X-Men face off against Magneto. Erik must've woke up on the wrong side of the bed, however, as he decides to make an example of Logan - painfully stripping the adamantium off of Howlett's bones!

Most sources on the internet state that Wolverine died from the wounds Magneto inflicted upon. But Logan actually survived the whole ordeal - leading to the discovery that he had bone claws all along.

2 Regenerates From A Single Drop Of Blood


Lost in the Funhouse is an X-men story from 1987. In it, Wolverine and Storm encounter an alien mutant named Horde. Horde tortures and experiments on Logan and Ororo - trapping Storm and Wolvie in specially catered fantasy worlds. The two X-men manage to break free, however, leading to a confrontation with Horde himself!

Horde outclasses the X-Men and prepares to kill Storm. To save her, Logan tanks Horde's attack - erasing every trace of Wolverine except for one drop of blood. That clot makes contact with an alien crystal, however, allowing Logan to come back with cosmic powers!

1 Tanks A Nuclear Bomb

Chronologically speaking, this feat occurs earlier than all of the others in this article - hearkening back to Wolverine's days as a soldier in World War 2. Logan's healing factor came in clutch innumerable times during the "war to end all wars" However, special mention goes to the time James survived the detonation of the Little Boy atomic bomb.

Via a series of unfortunate events, Logan found himself in Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945. At first, one of the other soldiers James encountered thought that the Enola Gay was a rescue plane - after all, its payload was too light to be an air raiding craft. Howlett suspected otherwise - only having his suspicions confirmed when Little Boy detonated right before his eyes. Even with his healing factor taken into account, it's a miracle Logan didn't go mad from the pain of tanking an atomic bomb!

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