Wolverine's Hot Claws May Be Linked to a Cosmic Marvel Entity

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Avengers #700 by Jason Aaron, Adam Kubert, Matthew Wilson and VC's Cory Petit, on sale now.

Ever since Marvel brought Wolverine back to life in 2017's Marvel Legacy #1, it's been one mystery after another. The matter of Logan's resurrection was quickly overshadowed by his possession of the Space Stone, one of the six cosmic Infinity Stones. Next, Marvel unveiled the "Where's Wolverine?" post-credits scenes in select titles, with the story following Logan's journey through the Marvel Universe as he kept tabs on his fellow comrades and friends.

The Hunt For Wolverine set the stage for Return of Wolverine, with the latter presumably filling the gaps concerning Logan's disappearance from his Adamantium tomb, up to his presence in Marvel Legacy #1. Return of Wolverine also gave Logan a new weapon to his Adamantium arsenal in the form of flaming hot claws. This was an ability Wolverine never displayed before his death, leaving fans to wonder and speculate on how the origin of these strange new powers.

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Return of Wolverine writer Charles Soule told CBR "the ‘new’ claws aren’t a big part of the story," meaning fans would have to look elsewhere for a valid explanation. Well, we're happy to report the long wait may have come to an end in the landmark 700th issue of Avengers. Also, if our theory is correct, the fiery hot clues were out in the open just waiting to be deciphered in writer Jason Aaron's Marvel work in the last year.

The Fire Burns Bright

As he's known to do in the past, the trickster god Loki played a role in assembling Earth's Mightiest Heroes to face off against the cosmic space titans called Celestials. The outcome of the battle left the Avengers together once again, and Loki the prisoner of the Final Host off the planet Earth. A backup story in Avengers #700 caught up with Loki as he's being tortured.

Pompous as ever, Loki begins to berate the Celestials for not showing him any gratitude. He takes credit for saving their race and for gifting Midgard their precious Avengers. Loki also says the Celestials are aware of "the war to end all realms" on the horizon, but right when he's about to reveal another key clue he's cut off by none other than Wolverine.

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Logan confronting Loki isn't so much of a shock until you factor in Loki's out in the far reaches of space standing on a piece of space debris. Remember, Wolverine no longer has the Space Stone -- he gave it to Black Widow for safekeeping in Infinity Countdown. So exactly how did Wolverine travel to outer space to meet with Loki?

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