Comic Legends: What Secret Message Was Hidden on a Wolverine Cover?

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Simone Bianchi announced his run on Wolverine with Jeph Loeb on a hidden message on the cover of Wolverine Origins #3.



In June of 2006, the third issue of Wolverine: Origins came out. There was a regular Joe Quesada cover, but there was also a Simone Bianchi variant cover. Here is the Bianchi cover for the issue.

Recently, I did a list about 15 comic book covers that surprisingly made it past the censors. That was why I featured Esad Ribic's cover for 2003's Wolverine #6 in the first part of this week's Comic Book Legends Revealed where Ribic made the cover extra racy.

Here, see if you can tell what is going on in Bianchi's cover. You see, Bianchi did two different batches of covers. One was the one I showed you above. Here is the other one.

See the difference?

You see, in the first one I showed, Bianchi hid hints about his next assignment. He was going to join writer Jeph Loeb on the other Wolverine series with issue #50 (which was due out almost a year after Wolverine: Origins #3 came out - Bianchi needed a lot of lead time for his stuff).

You can see the hidden notes in the cover. Here is Loeb's name...

Here is Bianchi's name...

And here is W 50 (for Wolverine #50)...

I've circled them on the cover, as well....

A very clever way by Bianchi to scoop everyone and announce the big news himself!

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