Wolverine's New Claw Powers are Inspired by Marvel vs. Capcom


Logan is set to officially let the Marvel Universe know he's back from the dead in the five-issue Return of Wolverine miniseries from writer Charles Soule and artist Steve McNiven. Instead of coming back from the dead with the same status quo, Wolverine's resurrection will also bring with it a set of brand new powers with the addition of heated Adamantium-laced claws.

Soule provided more information on Logan's powers and their inspiration over the weekend during the X-Men panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, revealing he got the idea from the popular console video game franchise, Marvel vs. Capcom.

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While not in attendance at Comic-Con International, Soule delivered a video message where he acknowledged the video game influence on the X-Man and Avenger. Marvel vs. Capcom is a fighting game that pits Marvel characters against those found in Capcom video game franchises like Ryu, Mega Man and Strider.

Soule would also add that Wolverine can't control the claw's heating capabilities, along with a deeper mystery to what brought the hero back to life.

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Return of Wolverine #1 (of 5) by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven arrives on September 19 from Marvel Comics.

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