Wolverine Head Bust Now Avaialble for Pre-order

Official Press Release

May 12, 2004, Runnemede, NJ – While images and preliminary information were released last month, DF is now proud to announce that the Wolverine Full Size Head Bust is available for Pre-Order!

Joining the final Head Bust created for DF by Alex Ross, are special editions of Spider-Man Unmasked and The Thing! Full details below:


This is IT! The last of the Alex Ross deigned full-sized Head busts and we're going out with a BANG (better yet, make that a SNARL)!

Designed by Alex Ross, sculpted and painted by Mike Hill, and standing close to 18" tall, this is the ultimate interpretation of Wolverine and will make an incredible addition to your collection! Inspired by the definitive Wolverine art of the 1980's, Ross has captured the ferocious, pint-sized mutant like no other artist has before!

A perfect compliment to your DF Head-Bust collection, Wolverine will be the last piece produced by Ross, so don't delay, ORDER TODAY!

$349.95 Suggested Retail Price

SPIDER-MAN UNMASKED BUST – Signed By John Romita Sr!

Spider-Man trapped by the bonds of the Green Goblin as the two enemies are locked in mortal combat is captured here as an amazing "Unmasked" 8 1/2 bust - the most amazing Spidey Bust ever produced!

Based on classic Spider-Man designs and art by the legendary John Romita Sr., who also signs this definitive edition!

$129.99 Suggested Retail Price


Designed by Alex Ross and sculpted by Lou Cella!

The ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing is brought to life by Dynamic Forces designer Alex Ross and sculptor Lou Cella - as a DF Full-Sized Head Bust!

Inspired by the work of comic greats Jack Kirby and John Byrne this masterpiece reproduced the FF's own Thing (a.k.a. Ben Grimm) as a life-life and full-sized collectible bust! Measuring almost 16 high and over 10" wide (in each direction) and magnificently sculpted by Lou Cella with direction from Alex Ross!

Now available as an Extremely Limited Edition A/P (or Artist's Proof) Edition, this will be the biggest THING in your collection!

$349.99 Suggested Retail Price

Limited to 50 A/P Editions in the world!

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