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Sexual Healing: 15 Of Wolverine’s Greatest Romances

by  in Lists, Comic News, Movie News Comment
Sexual Healing: 15 Of Wolverine’s Greatest Romances

Wolverine is the best at what he does, but what he does is… very sexy. Men love Wolverine because he’s an indestructible killing machine with his own moral code. Women love him for pretty much the same reasons. Dark, brooding, haunted by his past and packed with muscles, he’s always been a force of destruction and raw sexuality.

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In between smoking cigars, drinking and slicing body parts, Wolverine has taken time to fall in love many times. It makes sense that he’s had his share of romances, since he’s been alive for decades. Some of them, like Domino, have been purely physical. Others have lasted for years, but they always tend to leave Wolverine with a broken heart. With what could be Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine movie, “Logan,” set to premiere in 2107 — itself primed to be a heartbreaker — CBR runs down the 15 romances that have sleft him the most broken.

15. Silver Fox


Silver Fox is one of the most complicated relationships Wolverine has ever had. In “Wolverine” #10 (1989), we learned that Logan once lived in the Yukon, where he met and fell in love with a local woman of the Blackfoot tribe named Silver Fox. The two lived together happily in a cabin until his nemesis Sabretooth killed her on his birthday. The incident fueled a long feud between Sabretooth and Wolverine that would last for years… or so he thought.

In “Wolverine” #60-64 (1992), Wolverine discovered Silver Fox was still alive, and an agent of HYDRA. It turned out his memories of Silver Fox were false, but history repeated itself when Sabretooth killed her again. As if that wasn’t enough, Wolverine later recovered memories during “House of M” that showed Sabretooth killed her the first time, after all. We still don’t know how that worked. All we know is it left Wolverine with a broken heart, twice. A version of their romance was brought to life in the movie “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” in 2009.

14. Hercules


Wolverine is known for his love of the ladies, but there’s one version of Wolverine who loves the men as well. The second volume of “X-Treme X-Men” was a series about X-Men from alternate dimensions united to hunt down ten evil versions of Charles Xavier. The series featured an alternate version of Wolverine, who called himself James Howlett. Howlett was a general overseeing Canada in a British Empire, where he was bonded with adamantine in the lost city of Shangri-La.

Besides all those differences, Howlett stood out for his relationship with the superhero and son of Zeus, Hercules. In “X-Treme X-Men” #10 (2012), Hercules and Howlett were revealed to be a couple, and their affair was more controversial for Hercules’ godhood than his being bisexual. Zeus had forbidden any mortal and gods from consorting but him. The love between the two not only crossed boundaries, it also crossed dimensions.

13. Native


Wolverine’s enhanced senses make him great at tracking things, which he’s used to track down everyone from Abomination to the Hulk. In “Wolverine” #13 (2004), Wolverine was recruited by Sabretooth to track down a violent creature known only as the Native. However, when he finally tracked down the creature, Logan discovered it was a young woman with claws similar to his own. Through cave drawings, he found out the Native had been captured by the Weapon X program. She had been known as Feral by the program, which gave her the aforementioned claws, and he had escaped from the program with her. She lived in the woods for so long that she became wild, befitting her name. With the two of them reunited, Wolverine and the Native tracked down a cabin, where they lived and fell in love.

Unfortunately, Sabretooth quickly captured the Native and returned her to his employers, where they discovered (thanks to rapid healing) that she was pregnant with Wolverine’s child. Sadly, the Native and the unborn child were killed by Sabretooth, and Wolverine mourned her death as only he could — with violence.

12. Melita Garner


Wolverine isn’t a flashy superhero who seeks out the press, but his brutal tactics usually grab attention. That’s how his relationship with Melita Garner began, as a story. First appearing in “Wolverine: WeaponX” #1 (2009), Wolverine saved Garner from a mugging while in San Francisco. When she began investigating him, Wolverine and Garner eventually teamed up, starting professionally and evolving into a romance.

He tried to save her before they even got started, telling her all about his past relationships and how it was a bad idea to get involved. But she was persistent, and eventually won him over. Unfortunately, Mystique broke up their relationship by having sex with Wolverine in the shape of one of his other lovers. Then, she sent Garner the photographs. Garner should have known you can’t believe everything you see on paper. She returned, but not in the way he would have liked, as she became one of a group of mercenaries and ex-girlfriends called Seraph’s Angels, bent on vengeance.

11. Charlemagne


One of Wolverine’s many jobs over the years was as a spy, and one of his romances was revealed in “Spider-Man vs. Wolverine” in 1987. During his service, Logan worked with and fell in love with an agent known as Charlemagne. After their work together, she went on to become a mercenary hired by the KGB. Later, Wolverine discovers she’d been hunting down KGB agents who betrayed her, and teamed up with Spider-Man to stop her.

Wolverine discovered Charlemagne had gotten in too deep, and wanted to be killed rather than tortured by her former clients. He loved her enough to give her what she wanted, but Spider-Man stopped him. After a brutal fight between Spider-Man and Wolverine, Spider-Man swung a punch at who he thought was Logan, but turned out to be Charlemagne instead, killing her. Wolverine doesn’t get to hold it against Spider-Man, though. Charlemagne asked for death, and she got it.

10. Squirrel Girl


Everybody loves Squirrel Girl, and that includes Wolverine. Since her first appearance in “Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special” in 1992, she’s defeated every enemy she has fought, including Doctor Doom, Thanos and even Galactus making her live up to her adjective, “unbeatable.” When it comes to Wolverine, he’s a pushover as well.

In “New Avengers” #7 (2010), a conversation between the two heroes suggests something… deeper than camaraderie. At the time, Squirrel Girl was the nanny for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ baby. One day, as you might expect, she ran into Wolverine. The two had an awkward conversation where Wolverine said she looked amazing, and he said they had agreed never to see each other again.

We’re not sure exactly what kind of relationship Squirrel Girl and Wolverine had, but it must have been pretty special to make an impact. We got another big hint later on in “Wolverine” #8 (2011), when Emma Frost entered Wolverine’s mind and found a room of sexual fantasies. Among the women there, she found Squirrel Girl. When it comes to love, Squirrel Girl isn’t just unbeatable. She’s also irresistible.

9. Viper


Not even women trying to kill Wolverine have been immune to his charms. The woman known as Viper (also named Madame Hydra, leader of HYDRA) has been one female enemy of Wolverine’s who turned to love… or at least the physical manifestation thereof.

Viper has been a major foe of the X-Men for years, but got under Wolverine’s skin especially with “Uncanny X-Men” #172 (1983). During Wolverine’s intended wedding to Mariko, Viper worked with the Silver Samurai to poison the X-Men, and try to kill Mariko. Things between Viper and Wolverine came to a turning point in “Wolverine” #125 (1998) when she cashed in a favor to force Logan to marry her. The marriage was supposed to be just a way to seize control of her criminal empire in Madripoor, but she forced him to consummate the bond. When she was possessed by the spirit of Ogun, he stabbed her with his claws. In return for saving her life, he blackmailed her into divorcing him. It’s not the ideal relationship, perhaps, but that’s pretty much par for the course with Wolverine.

8. Yukio


In his first independent series, “Wolverine” (1982), Logan went to Japan to find his lost love Mariko, and learn the way of the samurai. During his time in Japan, Wolverine became involved with many women, but he had his deepest and most unique bond with Yukio. She was an assassin for Lord Shingen, the criminal leader of Clan Yashida. Logan was in love with Shingen’s daughter Mariko, but Yukio had eyes for him. Their relationship changed when she rescued him and nursed him back to health. Though they fell in love, Logan’s heart remained with Mariko.

Yukio and Wolverine continued to fight side-by-side together for years; other than perhaps Jubilee, she was the closest thing Logan has had to a sidekick, like Batman and Robin. Yukio’s earned Wolverine’s respect as a fighter, but also as a lover. When he adopted an orphaned daughter, Amiko Kobayashi, it was Yukio he trusted to care for and train her. Though Yukio still loves him deeply, their bond is now one of family, not just romance.

7. Maureen Logan


Wolverine has settled down many times, but it never works out. A disturbing number of his wives tend to end up dead. Maureen Logan might be the last woman he settled down with, at least in one possible eventuality. In an alternate future described in “Old Man Logan” (2008), supervillains took over and killed almost all the superheroes. Wolverine had grown older and retired from the superhero game, refusing to unleash his claws in anger again. The last time he did so, he decimated the X-Men thanks to a trick orchestrated by Mysterio.

Thereafter, he met and married Maureen Logan, and settled down with their children on a remote ranch. Despite his best efforts to lay low, a gang of Hulk-descended mutants threatened to kill his family if Logan didn’t find the money to pay the rent… a threat that ended in tragedy. Maureen tamed Logan like no one else had before. He not only quit using his claws, but wouldn’t even defend himself when he was attacked, all to have a normal life with her. He crossed the country with Hawkeye, braved dangers and destruction, all to try to save the life he had built with Maureen. That says a lot for such a typically nomadic character.

6. Seraph


One of Wolverine’s oldest romances is with Seraph, going back all the way to the 1920s. In “Wolverine Origins Annual” #1 (2007), it was explained that Seraph owned the Princess Bar in Madripoor, where she had an immediate hold on him. She taught him how to kill in secret, and he killed anyone she asked. She was cold and ruthless, but also tender to him, and he became her willing assassin. She even became his handler during World War I and World War II, where he did things that shocked even Captain America.

In “Wolverine” #126 (1998), we found out that Seraph was killed by Sabretooth, and made him promise to grant a favor to another old flame, Viper. He obeyed, showing the depth of his devotion to her, even after death. The relationship between them took a dark turn when he discovered she had been manipulating him under the command of Romulus, a mysterious man who had been guiding Wolverine’s life since before he was born. She may have been physically small, but had a huge impact on Wolverine’s life.

5. Mystique


Wolverine and Mystique have the definition of a love-hate relationship, although it does tend to lean towards hate more than love. Mystique is a mutant who can change her appearance to match anyone she chooses, and she’s been a thorn in the side of the X-Men for years. Her connection to Wolverine goes back earlier than that, though.

As a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Wolverine has fought Mystique many times, along with the other X-Men. As revealed in “Wolverine” #62-65 (2008), they first met in 1921, when she used him in a bank robbery. Later on, she framed him for murder, betrayed him and even orchestrated events to send him to Hell itself. In turn, he’s sought her out to kill her many times in vengeance, and succeeded once. This being comics, though, she was brought back to life by the ninja crew known as The Hand. Throughout their lives, they’ve continued to fight and get intimate with each other, almost in equal measure. It seems like they just don’t know how to quit each other.

4. Itsu


Of all the women Wolverine has “known,” only one gave him a son, and that was Itsu. In “Wolverine” #40 (2006), we learned that during Wolverine’s training under Master Ogun, he went to a small Japanese village in 1946. There, he fell in love with the beautiful Itsu, who he courted for years and finally married. She introduced him to a more tranquil life, until one day, when he came home to find her dead body. It turned out that the Winter Soldier had killed her, and their unborn son had been cut from her body.

Wolverine mourned her for decades, not realizing that his son was still alive. That son was raised by parents who were unaware of his true nature, but his brutal and vengeful nature destroyed his adopted family. The son eventually became Daken, a dark version of Wolverine himself. He’s a constant reminder of the love Wolverine lost so long ago, or was… until Wolverine drowned him in a puddle.

3. Storm


Storm and Wolverine have been teammates in the X-Men since they joined together in “Giant-Size X-Men” #1 (1975). Storm’s mutant powers to control the weather have made her a formidable hero, a trait she shares with Wolverine, even if their demeanors are markedly distinct. The two have flirted over the years, and even kissed in “Uncanny X-Men Annual” #11 (1987), but it seemed their relationship would never go beyond that. That was especially true in 2006’s “Black Panther” #18, when Storm married Black Panther. However she turned to Wolverine after her divorce from T’Challa. The two mutants ran the Jean Grey School together, and later fell into a passionate romance in “Wolverine and the X-Men” #24.

Storm and Wolverine actually work well together. She may not be invulnerable, but proved herself when she lost her powers and continued to be a hero; as such, she’s just as tough and determined as Logan. They also both share a certain connection to nature, though perhaps reversed, he being a savage and she being worshipped as a goddess. It only made sense that they eventually got together.

2. Mariko Yashida


First introduced in “Wolverine” #1 (1982), Mariko Yashida is the one that got away. Mariko and Logan fell in love while he was in Japan, but he was forced to leave her. When he returned, he discovered she was engaged to be married to a man she didn’t love, an arrangement by her father for business reasons. When he protested, Wolverine was challenged to a duel with wooden swords by her father.

In a desperate move, her father poisoned and goaded Wolverine until he popped his claws in a rage. The dishonor of the act caused her to reject him. Mariko later returned as the leader of Clan Yashida and planned to marry him, but broke off the engagement due once again to manipulation. Their romance finally ended when she was poisoned, and she begged him to kill her, which he reluctantly did.

Mariko is one of Wolverine’s greatest loves, someone who he’s pined over for decades. She also ties him to Japan as a ronin. To this day, even with everything he’s been through, she’s still a part of his heart. Their romance was brought to life in 2013’s “The Wolverine” movie.

1. Jean Grey


For Wolverine, the mutant redhead Jean Grey isn’t just a temptation, she is an ideal. Maybe it’s because she reminds him of his redheaded childhood friend, Rose O’Hara. Maybe it’s because she’s in love with his fellow X-Man and rival Cyclops. It hasn’t made it any easier that she’s always had feelings for Wolverine as well. Either way, Wolverine and Jean Grey have had a passionate romance that’s never been truly fulfilled.

They first met in “Giant-Sized X-Men” #1 in 1975, and were drawn to each other almost immediately. She always resisted him because of her love for Cyclops, but couldn’t stay away. Their romance turned tragic when Jean Grey was reborn as the Phoenix, leading her to get out of control and seemingly die again. She returned, having turned out to not be dead after all, and their relationship burned red-hot during the demonic “Inferno” storyline of 1989. The passion between Jean Grey and Wolverine has become one of the most epic romances in comics, and has burned on-screen in the X-Men movie series as well.

Directed by James Mangold and starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, Dafne Keen and Stephen Merchant, “Logan” arrives in theaters on March 3, 2017.

What’s your favorite Wolverine romance? Which of Wolverine’s lovers have we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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