Wolverine, G.I. Joe, Torso: January 8th Comic Reel Wrap


According to the Southland Times, the mutant minded movie will be rolling into a number of Australian towns. "The proposed locations for filming include Queenstown, Deerpark Heights, Skippers Canyon, Glenorchy and Milford Sound," their article read. "However, a spokesman for the Wolverine production office said the exact date that filming will begin in Queenstown was being kept secret. 'At this stage I can't release that kind of information but we should be able to tell you more later in the month,' he said."


IGN has two interesting articles analyzing casting rumors surrounding the arguable lead character Duke and an analysis of existing casting choices.


MTV has some words with director David Fincher about the Brian Michael Bendis adaptation. "That movie is so not a serial-killer movie," Fincher said. "It's about the deconstruction of the myth of [Untouchables leader] Eliot Ness. It has way more to do with 'Citizen Kane' than it has to do with 'Seven.' Ehren Kruger wrote a script that's pretty great. We were speaking with Matt Damon about it."


Fincher also discussed his involvement with adapting the Matz graphic novel. "[Brad Pitt's] company is producing it," the director said. "We have a writer and a graphic novel, and I think we have a take. It's that thing we always love from contract-killer movies: the existential assassin. People love the existential assassin, and we're hoping to cash in on that." Fincher also claimed to be in talks to do a series of CG-animated 3-D films for "Heavy Metal."


If you happen to be near the Motor City, you might get a chance to get close to the Mach 5 -- Superhero Hype has a press release noting that the movie car will be on display from January 19-21st at the 2008 North American International Auto Show, held at Detroit's COBO Center. The film opens May 9, 2008.


Toy News International has a first look at the "Movie Master" figure based on what'll be seen in the new film. Mmm, articulated.


CBR News has a summary of recent strike developments.

The big news is that the strike has effectively killed the Golden Globes ceremony due to many stars being being unwilling to cross the picket line.

Yesterday, comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert returned to their shows without writers, during which time Stewart said he would be doing "A Daily Show" until the strike was resolved (in contrast to doing "The Daily Show" ... and Nikki Finke breaks down the reasons why the Viacom-owned Comedy Central show couldn't get a side deal going) while Comedy Central has posted a new video from "The Colbert Report" showing what happened when the comedian didn't see any words in his teleprompter. Also posted there recently was last night's "The Word" segment, where Colbert learns a harsh lesson in labor relations.

Outside of his sarcastic performance, Colbert offered hot chili to picketers outside his wintery Manhattan studio.

Finally, Deadline Hollywood Daily has posted the official announcement of the United Artist deal with the WGA.


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