Wolverine Founds the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning

For a character often called the most wild and violent of Marvel Comics' X-Men, it' mildly ironic that Wolverine will be declaring "Class is in session" starting this October.

In the wake of the current "Schism" series whose plot focuses on a falling out between Wolverine and current X-Men leader Cyclops, the clawed mutant also known as Logan will found a brand new school known as the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning in "Wolverine & The X-Men" #1. This news comes from writer Jason Aaron, speaking about the Chris Bachalo-drawn book with the AP.

In the interview, the writer describes Wolverine's turn from anti-hero to headmaster as the best kind of awkward fit. "We're certainly a little bit uncomfortable, but I think it still makes sense with the way things have been going in the X-universe," he explained.

"Wolverine certainly has unorthodox ideas," added X-Editor Nick Lowe. "The name of the school, for one. He's the one who named it and I can't imagine Cyclops will be happy when he learns." Lowe will also oversee a storyline for Cyclops in the pages of the new "Uncanny X-Men."

Aside from the art teased in newly releases Bachalo art, the school in "Wolverine & The X-Men" will welcome a former teacher in its first issue as an homage to the opening of the X-Men's first appearance in 1963. "I hadn't planned on Professor X showing up," Aaron said. "But once I started working on the issue, I felt that he had to show up. I had to have a passing of the torch...It's very much a book about this school and Wolverine trying to build something new from the ashes of the old school."

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