Wolverine First Look Pairs the X-Man with His Favorite Redhead

Marvel Comics has revealed the first look at Wolverine #1. The series by writer Benjamin Percy and artists Adam Kubert and Victor Bogdonavic is the first Wave 2 title from Marvel's Dawn of X publishing initiative, and features the X-Man's return to an ongoing solo series since he died in 2014's Death of Wolverine.

The interior inked pages by Kubert were revealed at MCM Comic Con London and begins with young mutants playing together on Krakoa. Next, Jean Grey enters to levitate Wolverine in the air as the kids dangle from his legs. The longtime friends share an intense connection in three consecutive panels, before jumping to Kitty Pryde on the following page. Kitty accepted Emma Frost's offer to captain the Hellfire Trading Company in Marauders, and the final preview page shows her monitoring the loading of her ship as she drags Wolverine aboard.

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"I am deeply aware of the character's legacy. And I'm deeply respectful of all the great writers who have come before me, from Aaron to Windsor-Smith to Claremont, and more, so many more," Percy said when the series was announced at New York Comic-Con. "But I'm also completely geeked to put my own (slash) mark on the character for as long as I'm his custodian. And I couldn't be more excited to join forces with one of the most iconic artists to ever bring Logan to savage life: Adam Kubert. He's handing in art that will make your eyes melt out of your skull. Hot damn is this going to be fun. And you can bet your ass we're putting our whole heart into making a kickass comic for you all to enjoy.”

You can find Kubert's interior inked pages to Wolverine #1 below.

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