Forget Wolverine - Fan Art Proves Momoa Should Be the MCU's Sabretooth

jason momoa's aquaman in classic suit

With the rights to future X-Men films officially back at Marvel, fans have already started hypothesizing what the Marvel Cinematic Universe's incarnation of the franchise could look like.

Australian artist BossLogic is one such fan. He posted a new piece of artwork that imagines Aquaman and Game of Thrones alum Jason Momoa as Sabertooth. According to BossLogic, a number of fans suggested he use Momoa as Wolverine, but he considered Momoa to be a better fit for the fearsome Sabertooth.

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The character was previously played by Tyler Mane in X-Men and Liev Schreiber in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  It is unlikely that those stars would make the jump from the Fox franchise to the MCU.

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Speculation has already run rampant on who could replace Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine role. BossLogic previously released artwork of Zac Efron as Wolverine. Danny Devito has (somewhat jokingly) been bandied around as a possible successor of the role, and rumors earlier this year even suggested Daniel Radcliffe might be in the running. The MCU take on the X-Men is reportedly years away and won't appear in the upcoming fourth phase of the franchise.

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