5 Reasons Why Wolverine's Bone Claws Are Cooler (& 5 Why Adamantium Is Better)

As the most popular member of the mutant superhero team in Marvel Comics, there are 5 reasons why Wolverine's bone claws are actually way cooler, but there are also 5 why Adamantium happens to be much better. Without the Adamantium, Wolverine is still a very deadly individual because he happens to be a Word War II veteran, samurai, and assassin. Other lab rats in the Weapon X program failed to bond with the indestructible metal alloy and instantly died from the experimentation. The only reason Logan's skeleton was able to merge with the metal alloy perfectly was because of his mutant healing factor.

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While making his introduction in The Incredible Hulk #181, Wolverine surprised the transformed Bruce Banner and struck him from behind. The Hulk was in the middle of his epic battle with Wendigo. Using his Adamantium claws, Wolverine slashed at The Hulk many times but could not pierce his green skin. The intense battle took a surprise turn when the Wolverine suddenly launched himself onto Wendigo. As Wendigo howled in tremendous pain, Wolverine continued to attack with such untamed ferocity and slashed the beast's throat with his claws.

10 No Magneto (Bone)

fatal attractions adamantium

In X-Men #25, during the "Fatal Attractions" crossover event, Wolverine was fighting to the death against Charles Xavier's arch-nemesis, Magneto. After Wolverine managed to cut Magneto with his claws and draw blood, Erik Lensherr decided he was done playing games with Logan and removed the kid gloves.

Using his mutant powers, Magneto forced the adamantium out of Wolverine's entire skeleton. As Logan screamed horribly in tremendous pain, howling for his dear life, the last thing he heard before falling into deep unconsciousness was Jean Grey calling out his name.

9 Sabretooth (Adamantium)

In Astonishing X-Men #1, Wolverine still had his Adamantium claws during the alternate reality, "Age of Apocalypse." In the origin story of how Magneto put together the superhero team, based on Charles Xavier's dream for peace and unity, Apocalypse was about to launch his first attack against humankind.

In this version of Victor Creed, Sabretooth was working for Apocalypse as one of his deadly horsemen. Wolverine and Sabretooth had a very intense fight, leaving scars all over each other. Refusing to be beaten, Wolverine dug his Adamantium claws right into Sabretooth, slit his spinal cord, and left him crippled.

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8 Horrible Reminder (Bone)

wolverine weapon x

There was a secret conspiracy about the government conducting illegal experiments on mutants. After being kidnapped, Logan was then forced to be a prisoner within the Weapon X Program. The scientists working within the Weapon X program were actually torturing Logan and holding him in the underground lab facility against his will.

After one experiment after another, Logan had no choice in the matter whether or not he wanted his bones to be bonded with the metal alloy. The adamantium is a horrible reminder of the torture Logan had to endure before his escape.

7 Feral (Bone)

Feral Wolverine

In Wolverine #103, Logan had left the X-Men because his healing factor had been burnt out. After the Adamantium had been sucked out of his skeleton, there was only the vicious feral nature of Wolverine. The assassin-for-hire known as Elektra arrived to help Logan discover if he was really an honorable man or an uncontrollable beast.

The road to recovery was a long and strenuous one as Wolverine had to learn how to use his bare hands and climb up the World Trade Center. Not only did Logan learn how to use his hands, he realized the bone claws were a true part of himself.

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6 Cyber (Adamantium)

Except for his face, everything about Cyber is made up of adamantium. During World War I, Cyber once served as Logan's drill instructor before given the orders to murder his true love, Janet. Logan witnessed the death of Janet at the hands of Cyber and has since then wanted revenge for what he did.

Without his adamantium claws, Wolverine was not ready to take on Cyber by himself. In Wolverine #80, Cyber drives his foot down on Wolverine's bone claws, snapping them in half. Wolverine was easily defeated and half of his bone claws lost their sharpness.

5 Generation X (Bone)

Wolverine made a surprise visit to see Jubilee in her spinoff comic, Generation X. Though Banshee disapproved of her idea, headmaster Emma Frost, the former White Queen, thought Wolverine should stay for a bit and teach the new class of mutant superheroes.

During the lesson, Agustin Rodriguez, aka Skin, thought he was tough because he was a gang member in East Los Angeles. Skin wasn't paying attention when Wolverine fooled him. With the bone claws close to slicing his neck, Wolverine warned Skin that you should never pay attention to your enemy's hand, just his eyes.

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4 Cyclops (Adamantium)

Cyclops Wolverine X-Men Schism

In X-Men: Schism, the animosity between Scott Summers and Logan had reached a boiling point. Wolverine accused Cyclops of being blinded by his militaristic views and turning teenagers into soldiers. Cyclops reminded Wolverine that no matter how hard he tried, Jean Grey would never love him.

Wolverine's Adamantium claws could withstand the optic blasts that Cyclops was throwing at him. Lucky for Wolverine because if he had his bone claws, they would have surely been burnt to a crisp if Cyclops blasted at them with his glowing red eyes.

3 Adamantium Is Destructive (Bone)

In the Death of Wolverine, Logan's healing factor came under attack from a deadly virus created by the microverse. With his healing factor turned off, the adamantium was slowly killing him from the inside. Even though his enemies had placed a bounty on his head, Wolverine refused to let another scientist, especially Dr. Abraham Cornelius, experiment on other mutants.

Destroying what remained of the Weapon X Program, Wolverine shattered the container and allowed himself to be covered in a liquid form of adamantium. As the adamantium hardened, Wolverine was trapped inside an unbreakable shell.

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2 Fastball Special (Adamantium)

When working together as a team, Wolverine and Colossus made up their own special fighting style. When the X-Men needs a big win against their opponent, Wolverine and Colossus use their fastball special move. Because of his super strength and tall stature, Colossus is able to easily lift up Wolverine, even though the adamantium skeleton makes Logan's body weigh a heavy ton.

Like a pitcher at a baseball game, Colossus aims and throws Wolverine at his target. Because Wolverine is expected to cause a lot of damage, they didn't use this move when Logan had his bone claws.

1 Berserker Rage (Bone)

Feral Wolverine in Wolverine

Take away the Adamantium and you still have an uncontrollable Wolverine to take care of. Because of his quick temper, Logan would still have his berserker rage and launch himself into an unbridled fit of rage. The adamantium claws brought a bit of finesse to Wolverine when he unleashed them and only had to use them subtlety.

But the bone claws had grit and nastiness to them. While under his berserker rage, feral Wolverine would strike many times as if he were stabbing his opponent repeatedly. Wolverine was much more brutal and violent with his bone claws.

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