Wolverine: 5 Reasons Why He's Better In The Avengers Than The X-Men (& 5 Why He Should’ve Never Joined Them)

He’s fought in great wars and sliced through formidable foes like they were hot butter against his Adamantium-laced claws. Simply put, the Wolverine is an ally that everyone wants to have on their side. While he’s best known for being a core member of the X-Men, Logan has been on many elite teams; often serving as the deciding factor in their victory. Think of him as a much sought after freelancer of sorts.

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One of the teams Logan has been on is the Avengers, aka Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. A lot of their missions were successful, but having a rogue element like the Wolverine around doesn’t always bode well. There are plenty of reasons why the former Weapon X would be a perfect fit in the Avengers, but there are also reasons why he should have never joined Nick Fury’s lil’ passion project.

10 Avengers: Avengers Are An Ensemble, X-Men Are A Unit

Everyone knows that Wolverine is a loner. While he’s undoubtedly a core member of the X-Men, Logan’s individualistic nature also makes him a rogue element in the team. He’s at his best when he’s left alone.

The Avengers isn’t a single unit like the X-Men; they’re an ensemble that bands together when a threat is too big for any one person. Once the threat is neutralized, members of the Avengers like Captain America and Iron Man are able to go their separate ways without feeling like they’ve abandoned the team - a way of life that would suit Logan instead of making him feel like he’s attached at the hip to Charles Xavier’s band of gifted heroes.

9 Avengers: Wolverine And Captain America Go Way Back

History matters, and it doesn’t get more historical (literally) than Captain America and Logan. Both men are much, much older than they look. They’ve also lived and served in bygone eras. In fact, both Captain America and Wolverine fought together during World War II against a common enemy.

While Logan may not remember much of his past, the fact that both he and Steve Rogers are “old men” whose very existence defies the notion of time and age means they have more in common with one another than Logan has with any of his fellow X-Men. Both men have been battle-tested and proven themselves not only as great soldiers, but better allies.

8 Avengers: Avengers Aren’t Against Destroying Their Enemies

Professor X is all about peace. Even when things get ugly and powers are being thrown around, Xavier prefers the path of peaceful resolution to the obliteration of his enemies. Wolverine, however, isn’t beyond completely ripping bad guys apart. This fundamental difference between Xavier and Logan constantly puts the two men at odds with each other.

Like Wolverine, the Avengers aren’t opposed to destroying their enemies for good. While they try to keep their foes alive to be handled by the law or for them to be bestowed with better judgment, more often than not the only way to keep the planet safe is for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to… well, annihilate the threat. We don’t think it’s necessary to tell you which team is a better fit for a feral animal like Logan in this case.

7 Avengers: Avengers Have No Hierarchy

Wolverine doesn’t do too well with taking orders from “the man”. In fact, he hates authority altogether. Charles Xavier may be a pretty decent leader, but Logan’s constant defiance of orders always lands him in trouble.

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The Avengers don’t have this issue because the Avengers don’t follow a hierarchy. While Captain America and Iron Man seem like top-talent, there’s actually no defined leader of the Avengers. Tony Stark funds most of their tech, but he doesn’t really take control of the team as their leader. Neither does Steve Rogers. For a Freebird like Logan, that’s the kinda team with one less thing to worry about.

6 Avengers: Logan’s Backstory Isn’t A Big Deal

Logan has an insane backstory… from a certain point of view. To most of the mutants, Wolverine’s long and chaotic life story is mindblowing. His long, messy, violent, horrific past makes him stick out like a sore thumb.

But, if you’re a centuries-old demigod from the actual Asgard, or if you have mastered the Mystic Arts, or if you’re the king of a hidden African empire, or if you’re a scientist who turns into a rage-driven green behemoth whenever you freak out… suddenly having someone with a similarly bizarre backstory doesn’t seem weird at all. Once again, Wolverine seems to fit right in with the Avengers.

5 X-Men: Logan and Stark Have Issues

The Wolverine isn’t an easy mutant to get along with. He’s impulsive and rough around the edges. In short, he doesn’t take s#@* from anyone… especially self-proclaimed egomaniacs like Tony Stark.

While the two have worked together in the past to defeat common foes, Logan and Iron Man pretty much hate each other's guts. It’s always an ugly conflict of polar opposite attitudes and egos whenever the metal-loving heroes come face to face… and that won’t bode well in the long-term. Logan might make a solid Avenger, but ironically his temperament fits right in with the X-Men instead.

4 X-Men: The Hulk and Wolverine Aren’t Exactly Pals

If there’s anyone Logan hates more than Tony Stark, it’s Bruce Banner’s alter-ego, The Hulk. The green behemoth and the feral mutant both exude hyper-alpha energy. They’re both wild beasts; often driven by impulse and blinding rage. And when they come into contact with each other, it often spirals into a long, drawn-out bloodbath perpetuated by their respective healing abilities.

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Granted, not many enemies would dare come at a team that has both the Wolverine and the Hulk on its frontline, but it wouldn’t make a difference if those two were going to tear each other apart eventually anyway. It’s best to keep these two apart until the universe really needs them to hold hands again.

3 X-Men: The X-Men Need Wolverine More Than The Avengers Do

Let’s be honest - as formidable as Wolverine is, there are arguably more powerful people in the Avengers than there are in the X-Men. While Professor X and Jean Grey might be some of the most dangerous characters in the Marvel universe, the Avengers regularly have literal gods and reality-bending sorcerers at their beck and call. There’s just no comparison.

Wolverine, on the other hand, is possibly immortal and near unkillable. Having someone like that in the X-Men could really stack the deck in their favor. In fact, Logan’s resilience, ferocity and survival skills probably puts the X-Men in the same league as the Avengers… demigods and sorcerers or not.

2 X-Men: Logan Isn’t A Team Player

Saying that Wolverine doesn’t really play well with any given team is an understatement. Simply put, Logan is a loner by default. He’s more comfortable leading a nomadic life. The fact that he’s older than almost everyone he comes into contact with makes him extremely wary of forming lasting bonds or friendships.

In that sense, the X-Men are the only ones who seem to fully understand Logan and his quirks. And it’s with the X-Men that he finds purpose - either by helping his team win by being an extremely deadly weapon on their side or a mentor to younger mutants in search of their own calling. Wolverine may be a lone wolf, but the X-Men do make the best possible pack if there ever was one.

1 X-Men: He’s A Mutant

Demigods. Billionaire playboys in armor. Super soldiers. Mystics. The Marvel universe is made up of all sorts of characters but, at the end of the day, Wolverine is, by definition, a mutant. His home and his rag-tag family are with fellow mutants in Charles Xavier’s mansion.

Like the students in Xavier’s school, Wolverine was also a drifter searching for purpose and a place to call home. The X-Men have always given him that. While the Avengers have been one of Logan’s favorite teams from time to time, it’s obvious that the X-Men are the only ones he calls family. He may not really belong anywhere or with anyone, but the X-Men have always been his best shot at having a permanent place to go back to.

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