Wolverine's Official Role in Avengers: No Surrender, Revealed

WARNING: This article contains minor spoilers for Avengers #689 by Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub, Pepe Larraz, David Curiel and Cory Petit, on sale now.

Marvel's "Where Is Wolverine?" post-credits scene saga took the resurrected X-Man across the Marvel Universe, as he visited his former allies behind-the-scenes. From Spider-Man to Captain America to the Mighty Thor, Wolverine always arrived one step behind his teammates, though it was never revealed why he was searching for his friends in the first place.

The penultimate issue of the Avengers weekly event series "No Surrender" shed some light on Logan's activities, and the comic showed that even though he was gone for a few years, Wolverine is still the same hero fans remember.

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Avengers Assemble

Thanks to the selfless actions of Quicksilver, the heroes in stasis at the beginning of "No Surrender" were finally released. However, the Earth they were welcomed back to was under attack from a flurry of natural disasters. Among the characters shown rescuing civilians were the Champions and Defenders, though there were many more doing what they could to lend a helping hand.

Lightning, an overlooked Avenger, played a crucial role in Avengers #689 as he engaged the Grandmaster in a game of poker. Betting on the Grandmaster's fear of being forgotten, Lightning is victorious, and can put on his resume that he bested an Elder of the Universe. But it's a specific montage that reveals where Wolverine was while the Earth was on fire -- playing hero by rescuing those in need.

The last panel features Wolverine saving a fireman from a raging fire. Though he's wearing a long coat similar to the one worn by his doppelganger from an alternate timeline (Old Man Logan), the lack of short grey hair narrows it down to the original Wolverine.

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A "Where's Wolverine?" post-credits scene in Avengers #680 teased Logan's involvement in "No Surrender," after he was seen engulfed in a light blue light in Peru, where an Avengers team had just faced off with the Black Order and Lethal Legion.

The most likely scenario is Wolverine was taken off the board by the Grandmaster and Challenger (now calling himself Grandmaster Prime), and thanks to Quicksilver, is now back in the fight.

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With "No Surrender" coming to an end next week, that now allows Marvel to reveal how Wolverine came back from the dead in Hunt For Wolverine, which goes on sale April 25.

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