The 10 Best Wolverine Action Figures, Ranked

Marvel Comics feature a number of popular characters, but none seem to have the same prolific career as Wolverine, who at his prime starred in almost every team book released by Marvel. That's what made Marvel's decision to kill off the character of Wolverine such a surprise, despite every fan knowing Logan was destined to return at some point in the future. The Return of Wolverine recently did just that, and the character has returned to center stage as a major player in the Marvel universe, reinvigorating his popularity among fans and collectors.

Wolverine's return has definitely sparked a renewed interest in the character and his various collectibles released over the years that showcase his various costumes and iconic adventures. Today we are going to take a look at the best of the best as we rank 10 of the best Wolverine figures for comic fans to add to their collection.


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The Kotobukiya Marvel Universe X‐Men '92 Wolverine & Jubilee Two Pack may lack some of the detail and poseability of the other figures on this list, but it does showcase both a specific time in the X-Men's history as well as celebrates the relationship between Wolverine and Jubilee, who shared a teacher/student relationship in the 90s.

Not to be confused with Kitty Pryde, his apprentice of the 80s, or Rogue, his young charge from the movies, or even X-23, his current protege. Jubilee found herself under Wolvie's wing from nearly her first appearance, and this two pack allows collectors to enjoy the duo in all their 90s glory.


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It's hard to narrow our choice of Wolverine Funko Pops! down to one, considering the incredible selection of Wolverine vinyl figurines available for collectors. Of course, sometimes going with the classic is best, and this Funko Pop! Wolverine Bobble-Head is a perfect example with a touch of Funko stylization.

The figure features Wolverine's classic yellow and blue costume, similar to the X-Men '92 costume see above. The biggest selling point of this figure is without a doubt the cutest set of adamantium claws ever seen on a Wolverine collectible! This Wolverine Funko Pop! is the perfect addition to any Wolvie fans' desktop.


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While the Marvel Now! costume is not the most revered among Wolverine fans, this ArtFX statue from Kotobukiya renders the costume beautifully to make this collectible a favorite for fans. The attention to details and the musculature of the figure given the suit's armor plating is impressive, making this short-lived costume look better than ever.

Prior to the Death of Wolverine, Logan was dealing with the loss of his healing factor, which left him vulnerable in a way he had never felt. The armored costume helped for a while, though obviously not well enough given his passing. This Kotobukiya ArtFX statue gives a beautiful alternative to the classic costume for Wolverine fans to appreciate.



We've mentioned Wolverine's classic costume before, but really, it goes back even further than that to his first appearance in 1974. The costume worn by Wolverine in Incredible Hulk #181 is very similar to the classic outfit he started wearing in Giant-Size X-Men #1though it features a more bestial visage with smaller ears and whiskers appearing on the mask to reflect his namesake.

Gentle Giant Studios Marvel: Wolverine '74 is 1: 8 scale and features real metal claws, which definitely stand out on a shelf among other Wolverine figures. Plus, Gentle Giant offers the same figure in three variations that include Classic Wolverine, his Brown-and-Tan outfit, and Old Man Logan to fit any Wolverine's fans' desire. Did we mention it has real metal claws?


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Speaking of Old Man Logan. Marvel Legends released a great version of the time-displaced X-Man, who technically first appeared in Fantastic Four #558 before appearing in a Wolverine storyline from Mark Millar and Steve McNiven that launched this particular version of Wolverine into popularity and led to an ongoing appearance in the mainstream Marvel universe.

The Marvel Legends action figure comes from a trusted line that continues to make detailed, posable figures for collectors of all levels. The Legends Series offers a fantastic lineup of characters to enhance any X-fans collection coupled with an affordable price for the young fans who still like to play with their Wolverine toys.


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When discussing some of Wolverine's fan-favorite costumes, the Brown-and-Tan version created by John Byrne sits high alongside the classic Blue-and-Yellow. First appearing in Uncanny X-Men#139, the costume was structurally similar to his previous X-Men costume, but it featured similar colors to the "Fang" costume he wore briefly during a space mission with the Shi'ar.

Mezco Toyz has a line full of realistic sculpted figures from every corner of pop culture and has released a unique version of the Brown-and-Tan Wolverine variant. The specifically sculpted body features over 30 points of articulation, two heads, six pairs of hands, swords, and a fabric costume to truly capture the iconic Wolverine costume.


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Of course, Logan isn't the only mutant to carry the name of Wolverine, as his daughter Laura Kinney AKA X-23 took over the title following his death. Laura went through a few different costumes during her time as Wolverine, but it's her adaptation of the classic Blue-and-Yellow that really caught the attention of fans.

Diamond Select released a 9" PVC figure with a fantastic paint job that memorializes Laura's all-too-short time as the Wolverine. While the character has returned to her X-23 persona in light of the Return of Wolverine, fans can always remember the All-New Wolverine with this vibrant figure.


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"Days of Future Past" is an iconic storyline that began in Uncanny X-Men #141 that featured a dark take on the future of Marvel's mutants, and even inspired the similarly titled 2014 film. The storyline features a legendary showdown between an older Wolverine and an advanced Sentinel, which does not end well for Logan and became one of the X-Men's most recognizable deaths.

This matchup was translated by Marvel Legends into an amazing two-pack that features a 6" articulated Wolverine figure (complete with interchangeable hands and weapons) and a 16" Electronic Sentinel with sounds and phrases that makes this set the perfect addition to any display.


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Marvel Legends appears a few times on this list, as they produce great figures that feature a number of variants pulled straight from the comics. But that isn't to say they don't hit the classic Yellow-and-Blue out of the park. This Marvel Legends Wolverine figure is basically the definitive classic costume action figure, with a great price point.

Not only does the toy feature Marvel Legends' high level of detail, but it also features a high level of poseability that allows for a number of poses. This is combined with a few different heads and interchangeable hands, with a crucial element for any action figure included - battle damaged costume options.


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We've taken a look at a number of costumes that have appeared in collectible format, and this last figure showcases an updated version of Wolverine's costume first seen in Astonishing X-Men #1 from Joss Whedon and John Cassaday. Wolverine used this costume for years until the loss of his powers, though it doesn't appear in toys as much as his classic Yellow-and-Blue costume.

The Amazing Yamaguchi line from Kaiyodo/Revoltech has released a few Marvel characters lately, and the Amazing Yamaguchi Wolverine is not only a standout among the other figures, but also headlines this list due to its multiple points of articulation and optional heads, hands, and accessories that allow for a truly personalized addition to any fan's collection.

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