Wolverine: 5 Heroes Who Can’t Stand Him (& 5 Who He Can Always Count On)

Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, and what it is ain't very nice. Because of this, Wolverine has had an "interesting" relationship with the various heroes of the Marvel Universe. While some will happily hang out/team up with the ole Canuck, some heroes can hardly stand the most famous member of the X-Men. So, with that said, we decided to take a look at the five heroes that can't stand Wolverine and five heroes that will always be at the side of the mutant.

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10 Can't Stand: Spider-Man

How can anyone not love Spider-Man? He's practically the most recognized Super-Hero of all time. Well, when you're more reserved and laid back like Wolverine, it can be hard to work with someone who's spewing bad jokes every minute. While Spider-Man and Wolverine were members of the Avengers, Wolverine can barely stand five minutes alone with the Web-Swinger. In one series, the two were forced on to a game show that was hosted by Mojo and nearly killed each other.

9 Can Stand: Captain America

Captain America is a man who embodies what it means to be a true patriot. He's kind, reliable and willing to stand up against bullies. While Wolverine may do some very un-superhero like things, he still has a soft spot for Cap. In some incarnations, it's been shown that Wolverine and Cap have fought alongside each other during World War II. It makes for a compelling relationship between the two characters.

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8 Can't Stand: Deadpool

They might both be from Weapon X, but that doesn't mean the Merc with the Mouth is a fan of Wolverine. Deadpool hates Wolverine more than anyone on this list. In one storyline during Daniel Way's run, the two spent 3-4 issues trying to kill one another. After Wade captured Wolverine, he starts to reveal how much he hates him. Wade secretly feels that most people see him as just a poor man's version of Wolverine, so he continually has to prove that he's not that, but something better. Deadpool may hide a lot of things behind humor, but this was one of a few occasions where he was dead serious.

7 Can Stand: Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is the Ultimate fan-girl. The second she see's a famous Marvel hero; she can't help but geek out over them and write fan-fictions about their adventures. That's especially true when she first had her first superhero team-up, and it was with none other than Wolverine. After gushing about how awesome he is, Khamala aided Wolverine in saving some kids from an evil bird scientist. During this time, Wolverine had lost his healing factor and had to be carried by Ms. Marvel after he was hurt. Thankfully, he was able to make it out and entrusted New Jersey's safety to Ms. Marvel. Pretty cool thing to happen, especially when you're a 15 year old with stretching powers.

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6 Can't Stand: Hulk

Wolvie and Hulk have an odd relationship. It was in issue #182 of Hulk's series that Wolverine made his debut, but it was in a three-way battle between him, Hulk, and Wendigo. Since then, the two haven't seen eye to eye. Sure, they'll work together if they have no other choice and Logan does have some trust in Bruce Banner. However, most of the time Hulk and Wolverine can't be put in the same building, unless you want the whole thing going down in rubble. Just watch the 2009 animated film, Hulk vs. Wolverine, to see why these two shouldn't cross paths at all.

5 Can Stand: Hawkeye

While Hawkeye started as a villain, he was able to redeem himself and was later allowed to join the Avengers. Maybe it's because Wolverine wasn't all right in the head when he was part of Weapon X, but Wolverine has shown a lot of trust towards Hawkeye. So much that he was willing to accompany the purple archer in a cross-country road trip in Old Man Logan so he can get money to protect his family.

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4 Can't Stand: Cyclops


He may be the leader of the X-Men, but that doesn't mean Cyclops can stand his fellow teammate. Maybe it's because the two are both in love with Jean Grey or perhaps it's because the two are both hotheads, but it's hard for these two guys to hang around each other for long. Hell, in the X-Men vs. Avengers event, Wolverine took half of the mutants from the X-Men and had them fight against Cyclops and the remaining members of the team.

3 Can Stand: Rogue

Wolverine has been a father figure to Rogue for years. Most of this was recounted in the first two X-Men movies, where a teenage Rogue ran away from her home after she accidentally sucks the energy out of her ex-boyfriend. She then meets Wolverine in a bar and the two strike a bond that's lasted for years. Even in the comics, Rogue once took a bullet for Moriko, Wolverine's lover from Japan. If that doesn't scream loyalty, then the world will have to find a new definition of the word.

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2 Can't Stand: Namor

If there's one thing Wolverine hates, it's when someone has a bigger ego than he does. While Thor can have his moments of bravado, He still is a decent being that's willing to fight for earth. Namor, the King of Atlantis in the Marvel Universe, isn't as caring. Most of the time, he is a smug jerk who would rather see the world of man destroyed. Not someone you or anyone would be willing to fight side by side with, even if you're Wolverine.

1 Can Stand: Nick Fury

Wolverine has not only fought aside Steve Rogers in the '40s, but he's also fought alongside the head of S.H.I.E.L.D, Nick Fury, for a good while. Both Logan and Nick Fury are headstrong individuals that will do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it means crossing a line. Their methods may be unpopular, but you can't argue with the results. It's easy to see how these two men get along so well, but in one series, the two even teamed up to help save Fury's Son from Brainwashing. Nick Fury's trust is something hard to obtain. However, once you've earned it, it's next to impossible to break.

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