Comic Legends: Was Wolfsbane Going to be in Heat?

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This became an unplanned X-Factor-theme week!

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Wolfsbane was going to be revealed to be in heat in "X-Factor."



During "X-Tinction Agenda," Wolfsbane was turned into a mind-controlled mutate like a lot of the mutant population of Genosha. However, when she transformed into her wolf form, she was now more powerful and had the ability to control her thoughts again...

At the end of the crossover, Wolfsbane and Havok both decided to stay behind to help Genosha get back on track...

When we next see her and Havok, she has now sort of "bonded" to Havok, as a remnant of her old mutate brainwashing...

So that was the situation that Peter David was dealing with for a year or so. He explained what he was planning on doing on his website.

When I took on X-Factor, Rahne Sinclair’s status was as follows: She had been made Havok’s more or less willing slave through mental tinkering at Genosha, and she was spending all her time; in her wolf form, because in her human form she was a totally subservient airhead, one step up from a zombie.

And I thought about this and came up with a fairly demented storyline. Over the next issues of X-Factor, I had the previously sedate Rahne become not only more and more enamored of Havok, but progressively more erotically charged in her increasing lust for him. It was screamingly out of character for her, and then, in issue #89, I had her realize why: She was in heat. From spending so much time in her animal form, she had picked up traits she wasn’t expecting, and that was one of them. This was revealed in a scene wherein she was talking down the street with Moira, trying to figure out just why she was so sexually obsessive about Alex… and dogs start barking at her. Barking big time. And she basically says, “Oh my God!” as she understands what her biology has done to her.

But when I departed X-Factor due to a variety of—well—factors… the entire reveal on that storyline was dumped and the scene rescripted by other hands into pointlessness. But you can still see the barking dogs and Rahne’s shocked expression in the printed issue.

Here's the page from "X-Factor" #89...

What do you folks think about that plot?

Thanks to Peter David for the information!

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