An Original New Mutant Joins Marvel Puzzle Quest Roster


One of the original members of the New Mutants is joining Marvel Puzzle Quest. Debuting as a 4-Star Rarity (Legendary) character, Scottish mutant Wolfsbane, also known as Rahne Sinclair, will join the game's roster.

A founding member of the New Mutants, Rahne's mutant ability allows her to turn into a wolf. Over the years she's also been a member of X-Men adjacent teams like X-Force and X-Factor. When it comes to Marvel Puzzle Quest, she brings a tool kit which includes Silent Retreat, Go for the Throat and One Woman Wolf Pack.

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Marvel also revealed that Wolfsbane has Rend, a black passive power that deals 120 damage each of the three times the target is slashed. Following this, her taking to the shadows creates 1 Black Invisibility tile, which becomes Silent Retreat. This power becomes Rend when the board does not have any friendly Silent Retreat Invisibility tiles.

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Using a mid-cost red power, Rahne crunches down on the enemy with Go for the Throat, dealing 454 damage to the target and creating two strength nineteen Blue Strike tiles

One Woman Wolf Pack allows Wolfsbane to divide into a pack of wolves that confuses and surrounds the enemy. This mid-cost purple power creates five Green Countdown tiles that deal 380 damage each and create five Green Countdown tiles that range from one to five turns.

Wolfsbane can be added between November 7 and 14 for 7000 HP. November 10 is the start for both Event The Hunt (which ends on November 15) and the Verses Tournament, Right as Rahne, which ends on November 13. Marvel Puzzle Quest is available to download from its publisher, D3 Go.

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