Wolfman Tag Teams with Rena Mero on '10th Muse'

Note: RenaMero.com link contains imagery that some parents may not find appropriate for their children.

Over the course of his career, Marv Wolfman has written about more than a few strong women.

But "The 10th Muse" may be the first time one of those strong women could literally toss him through a window if she wasn't happy with the script.

Wolfman describes the series thus: "'The Tenth Muse' is about a woman who finds out that she is not the person she always thought she was," he told the Comic Wire on Wednesday. "As she slowly pieces together her Olympian origins, she finds herself fighting the forces of evil before she can reclaim her heritage."

Of course, there's also more to it than that. The title character is also modeled on Rena Mero, the former professional wrestler known as Sable.

Wolfman said the real life muse didn't influence the writing of the Image Comic, which debuts in November, with art by Ken Lashley.

"No, I put together the characters and stories so they would make the best adventures. I believed Rena Mero would be happiest if the stories and character of Emma Sonnet were strong, powerful tales rather than compromised just for the sake of using her real life. This is a role Rena Mero could play in a movie rather than her story as a super-hero.

"Because the character of the Tenth Muse was created to be a strong character and a vital comic book, it means one doesn't have to know Rena Mero's background as a wrestler to enjoy it. She has provided the look of the character and Emma's strength and determination. Emma is a lawyer and the Tenth Muse is an Olympian whose story is hopefully interesting."

This isn't Wolfman's first time mining Greek myth for comics.

"I love writing about mythology and this is just another take on the subject for me. Darren Davis, who originated the idea, wanted the character steeped in mythology, but strong on her on terms. I've tried to come up with a story that uses mythology but isn't overwhelmed by it. This is the story of one woman and her search for her true self. That she is an Olympian is only one aspect of her self."

Wolfman, the longtime writer of DC Comics' "New Teen Titans," is also returning to DC with several stories:

"I've just done a four part Superman story, but I don't know at present where it will see print. I've also done a five page Titans story drawn by George Perez for 'Titans' #25. I've also just submitted an idea for a Titans graphic novel to DC which, coincidentally, has an incredibly strong mythological basis to it. I am not doing any other regular comics writing but would love to if offered the right title. I'd actually love to write 2-3 monthly titles."

In the meantime, Wolfman's been keeping busy as the screenwriter of the Elfquest movie.

"The movie is moving forward. We're in pre-production. The script is done. We've just done a scratch voice recording session which means we brought in actors to read the script to hear how it sounds. With luck, the movie will soon be in full production, but, as you know, movies move much slower than comics, and animated movies move the slowest of them all. We stuck very close to the comic, streamlining Wendy and Richard's story to make it work for film, but keeping the essential ingredients that have made Elfquest the exceedingly popular series it's been for almost 25 years. In conjunction with the movie we made a deal with Living Toyz for a series of Elfquest action figures. They are unbelievably beautiful and the first set, based on the classic comics, will be out sometime late this winter. Those people who saw the prototypes in San Diego and Chicago know how incredible they are."

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