Wolfman & Ruiz team-up for "Homeland: The Illustrated History of the State of Israel"

Official Press Release

Marv Wolfman is a multi-award winning writer of comicbooks, animation, children's books, novels,television, and more. Mario Ruiz is the creator-artistof the critically acclaimed graphic novels, Samson:Judge of Israel and Testament. Together, they willcreate a very unique book, HOMELAND: The IllustratedHistory of the State of Israel. Valor Comics, a newgraphic novel publisher started last year by Ruizalong with Nachshon Press, an imprint of the CommunityFoundation for Jewish Education of MetropolitanChicago (CFJE), have burst upon the graphic novelscene with a story straight from history and today'scurrent events. Valor and Nachshon have taken up thechallenge to tell the story of one nation's strugglethroughout history and how it relates to people, youngpeople especially. "We're currently in a society whereeverything is just "That's so five minutes ago!" Youcan't convince people that history directly affectswhat is going on now. Hopefully they'll be interestedin this project not at first because it's history butbecause it looks like comics, which everyone loves.Then, as they read the sections, I hope they'll cometo appreciate the stories. If they do read the storiesthen whether they know it or not they'll pick up infothat might be relevant down the line." explainedwriter Marv Wolfman.

"HOMELAND is much more than a graphic novel. It's anaccurate, historical account of the birth of one ofthe great nations of the world. It's an importantproject to be involved in and I am truly honored to bedoing it. Working with a writer of Marv Wolfman'scaliber is truly a privilege." added Ruiz. "Incombination with the CFJE's extensive effort toidentify the key historical highlights to include inthe body of work," said William J. Rubin, ExecutiveDirector of CFJE who is overseeing the project, "weare confident that Mr. Ruiz and Mr. Wolfman will beable to create a dynamic story that covers theBiblical period through 2005."

Rubin first contacted Ruiz with the idea for thegraphic novel last March. Rubin had seen Testament, aretelling of much of the Old Testament that Ruiz hadcreated during his tenure as editor-in-chief at MetronPress. Rubin said Testament showed evidence of Ruiz'sability "to offer thoughtful rendition of the HebrewScriptures." Rubin decided to contact Rabbi BradHirschfield, vice president for the National JewishCenter for Learning and Leadership in New York City.Hirschfield had written the introduction to Testament.

"The novel will travel through time and explore thehistory of the land, why the modern state came intobeing and its importance for the Jewish people and theworld." "Nothing like this exists currently." "TheCFJE believes very strongly that the novel will havewide appeal to the American public, children andadults of all ages -- Christians, Jews and Muslims. Tothat end, the CFJE has every expectation that thenovel will be marketed for a broad audience -- both urbanand rural -- throughout the country," Rubin said.

HOMELAND: The Illustrated History of the State ofIsrael will be 120-pages with high-quality varnishedcardstock covers and glossy interiors, available inNovember. It's written by Marv Wolfman and illustratedby Mario Ruiz. For more information visit Valor Comicsat www.valorcomics.com or www.cfje.org.

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