Wolfman moves from "Nightwing" to "Vigilante"

In 1983, acclaimed comic writer Marv Wolfman re-imagined DC's western hero Vigilante as the gun-wielding anti-hero Adrian Chase in "New Teen Titans Annual" #2.

Nearly twenty-five years later, and after introducing a new Vigilante in the pages of his own book "Nightwing," it was announced at Baltimore Comic Con that Wolfman would update the character once again in his own ongoing series.

An artist for the project has yet to be announced.

Wolfman revealed in an interview with CBR News that this Vigilante was not the '80s version, Adrian Chase, the New York District attorney who after seeing his parents killed by mobsters begins taking the law into his own hands.

"No, this Vigilante is not Adrian. I never intended him to be Adrian and I wouldn't have done it if he were," said Wolfman, who will be replaced by Paul Tomasi on "Nightwing" in January, 2008 with #140. "When you honestly say a character is dead they need to remain dead and Adrian is dead."

Wolfman famously killed off dozens of characters in the DC Universe wide crossover "Crisis on Infinite Earths" in 1985 including Flash (Barry Allen).

The prolific writer says a universe like DC, that has heroes with high moral standards like Superman, easily has room for a do-gooder like Vigilante, who may, occasionally, bend the rules to make things right.

"That's like asking in a company that has Wonder Woman why do you need a second female character? Superman rarely deals with street crime; that's for the police. Superman goes after bigger stuff," said Wolfman. "Vigilante will mostly deal with organized crime, human and meta. Also, this Vigilante will have a completely different perspective on organized crime than nearly anyone else in the DCU, which will make his stories unique and, I hope, very powerful and emotional. I think there's going to be a lot of surprises here."

One surprise, Wolfman shared, is that one of DCU's finest is in fact working with the villains and Vigilante is the one who starts connecting the dots.

"Vig is going to be the first to discover the traitor's existence and that fact will ripple through the rest of the DCU big time," said Wolfman. "We're also approaching organized crime very differently than DC usually does. It's tougher, dirtier and a bit more real even as we add in our meta mobs."

Wolfman, who admits he is disappointed to be off "Nightwing" although he feels like a winner after his run stretched from an original four issues to 12, says his new book and his old one will definitely be crossing over into each other's continuities.

"Yes, there will be a crossover, but you can read it even if you never read 'Nightwing,'" explained Wolfman. "The idea was to begin a 'Vigilante' book so he is the star. We did not reveal much about him in the pages of 'Nightwing' because that should be done in his own book. But even now we still won't learn a lot about him, at least not for a few issues. You'll see what I mean when you see the first issue."

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