Wolfman, Bedard, Benes Launch "DCUO Legends"

Although story details for Sony Online Entertainment's incoming "DC Universe Online" MMO game have been working their way into the fan consciousness thanks to early game trailers and interviews with the writers behind the alternate future action tale, a big piece of the puzzle for readers following DC Comics biggest heroes and villains to their computers and PS3s will be the publisher's February-launching tie in comic: "DCUO: Legends."

Announced back in January, the biweekly "DCUO Legends" comic will tie directly into the gameplay and stories that develop in the online world, and today DC announced that one of the architects of the game will move over to help pen the comic tie-in as well. "DCUO" co-writer and industry veteran Marv Wolfman will co-script the comic with "R.E.B.E.L.S." scribe Tony Bedard, says DC's official The Source blog. Joining the pair on art duties will be cover artist Ed Benes (joined in week #1 by a Ryan Sook variant) and interior artists Howard Porter and Adrianna Melo.

"You always have to think about, first and foremost, the player," Wolfman told CBR recently about crafting a story for the game. "I'm not too worried about Superman or the Teen Titans or Lex Luthor; I'm thinking about a story where the player is the main character. What their personality is is less vital because you can't make assumptions for (hopefully) millions of personalities." However, the biweekly "Legends" series will more than likely keep a strong focus on the personalities of the DC Characters players will interact with on the screen and the page.

DC provided a handful of early images from the February-launching comic as well as some new screenshots for the game, which can be seen below. For more, check out The Source, and stay tuned to CBR in the days ahead.

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