'Wolf Creek' TV Series Looks Just as Creepy as You'd Imagine

If you're a fan of Greg McLean's 2005 horror film "Wolf Creek" who had reservations about a television spinoff, this trailer may put you at ease. Well, not "ease," exactly, as the footage is moody and tense, teasing a story of murder and revenge.

John Jarratt reprises his film role as Mick Taylor, the murderous psychopath who wreaks havoc in the Australian Outback. However, in the six-part television series, the tables are turned as an American college student (Lucy Fry) survives the massacre of her family, and sets out to hunt down their killer.

The series, which aired in May on Australian television, will premiere in the United States Friday, Oct. 4, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Pop (formerly the TV Guide Network).

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