'WJHC: On the air!' graphic novel arrives in December

Official Press Release

What we mean is the first WJHC graphic novel is called WJHC: ON THE AIR! And it's hitting stores and libraries this December. The 96-page full color comic bonanza will include the first two WJHC comic book issues, three brand new stories, inside info on the WJHC crew and one mad cool cover by SCOOBY DOO artist JOE STATON!

WJHC: ON THE AIR takes a wacky look at the misadventures of an unlikely group of teens starting a high school radio station. Based on the popular comic book series, this all-ages graphic novel helps fill a long-standing void in the comic book arena. Created by Jane Smith Fisher, WJHC offers girls and boys an appropriate comic, that's lots of fun without sex or violence. Fisher says, "It's WKRP meets Gen Y."

Ms. Fisher wrote her first comic book, the kid-friendly CYBERNAUTS, in 1996 after discovering non-violent comic books had yet to be updated from the ' 60s and ' 70s. "Children love to read and comic books are such a wonderful way of sparking their imaginations. I knew if I could develop an idea that was really cool and funny kids wouldn't miss the sex or violence," Fisher explains. And thousands of kids have proved her right. Not to mention the library journal Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) that writes in the latest issue . . .

" . . . fresh and entertaining. As with the Archie comics this one will appeal to all ages, from elementary school through high school." - Kat Kan, VOYA.

The road to creating WJHC: On the Air has been a challenging course for Ms. Fisher. A single mother, she struggled to follow her dream while juggling parenting, a teaching assistant position and the pursuit of her recently awarded graduate degree in education. Prior to writing comics Ms. Fisher developed Milo P. Turtle's Pen Pal Club, a reading and writing program enjoyed in homes across the country and adapted for classroom use.

Kirsten Petersen designed the characters and illustrated WJHC: ON THE AIR. Petersen is a freelance animator and contributor to the recent anthology BROAD APPEAL. John Green joined the WJHC team for color and production. He is the co-creator/artist of the QUICKEN FORBIDDEN comic book series. With their unlimited imagination and skills, Petersen and Green turned WJHC: ON THE AIR into an eye-popping visual experience.

So crank it up, and tune in! Broadcasting ... Uh, comics have never been like this!

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