WizKidz Names Diamond/Alliance Core Hobby Distributor

Official Press Release

Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Game Distributors announced today that they have entered into an agreement with WizKids, Inc to service the entire core hobby portion of its distribution in the United States and Canada, including Game Stores, Comic Shops, and Sportscard Stores.

"Diamond and Alliance are extremely excited to serve WizKids and the Hobby Game community in this capacity," said Steve Geppi, President and CEO of Diamond Comic Distributors. "We have devoted significant resources to support this effort and are confident in our ability to assist WizKids in reaching its goals as well as meet and exceed the needs of hobby retailers."

"Given Alliance and Diamond's  reach, experience, and economies of scale, we are always looking for ways in which we can improve manufacturers' efficiency and access to information on product performance,"  added  Daniel Hirsch, President of Alliance Game Distributors, a division of Diamond Comic Distributors.    "We are pleased to be given this opportunity to provide the best in service to both WizKids and the core market as a whole,   and look forward to distributing an exciting line-up of WizKids products in 07 and   in   the future."

In a separate release, WizKids CEO, Lax Chandra, said, "Our strategic focus is to create a closer relationship with our retailers, protect the equity of our brands and reinvest in our products.   Through careful thought and analysis we have come to the conclusion that these goals are best achieved by using Diamond and Alliance as our distribution partner s   for the Core Hobby portion of our business." The agreement will better position WizKids to gain valuable customer feedback which will be used to improve product development, increase manufacturing efficiencies and create focused promotional and marketing efforts to increase sales in Core Hobby stores.  "We firmly believe that working with Diamond and Alliance will work best to achieve our strategic goals and provide the best service for our retailers, our consumers and our business.  We are excited by the opportunities that we hope to create in this new relationship."  

Hobby retailers are urged to contact Diamond Comic Distributors or Alliance Game Distributors in order to receive uninterrupted WizKids product shipments. Retailers should call (800) 452-6642 ext. 215 or e-mail NewAccounts@diamondcomics.com to open an account with Diamond or (800-NOW-GAME ext. 1005 or e-mail mew@alliance-games.com to open an account with Alliance if they currently do not have an active account with either Alliance or Diamond.

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