WizKids teams with DC Comics for collectible miniatures game

Official Press Release

WizKids, the Seattle-based fantasy game developer and publisher best known for the game Mage Knight, are proud to announce plans to produce a collectible miniatures game featuring the characters from legendary comic book publisher DC Comics.

The game will combine classic DC Universe heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman with newer hot properties from WildStorm Productions like WildCats and the Authority. These and other popular characters from the expansive DC and WildStorm universes will become three-dimensional, plastic miniatures, pre-painted in superb detail. The yet-to-be-named collectible miniatures game is slated for spring release next year.

"We wanted the newest game from WizKids to connect with a large audience, while finding a setting and group of characters that would be appropriate for the combat dial. The world-famous DC heroes and villains are the perfect fit with the combat dial system," says WizKids founder Jordan Weisman.

DC Comics Publisher Paul Levitz is equally enthusiastic about the partnership. "It's fun to find a new way to play with our favorite characters, and bring out the WizKids in our souls. I can't wait for a set."

The project will bring together some of the most experienced talent in the comics and gaming businesses to transform the DC and WildStorm characters into a collectible miniatures game. DC will be a full creative partner in the process, with DC editors, writers, and artists collaborating with WizKids' designers and sculptors to produce the program.

The collectible combat dial-based DC miniatures game will be in gaming, comic and hobby stores everywhere in spring 2002.

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