Wizard World Wrapup: Final Thoughts

  • Incomparable artist Jae Lee, who's been working mostly on mini-series lately, said he'd like to do another long-term project like his 12-issue "Inhumans" run with Paul Jenkins. He's talking to Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Joe Quesada now about such a gig. "The idea of doing something on a regular basis, being out there every month, is really appealing to me," Lee said.

  • Award-winning writer Judd Winick will make his Vertigo debut with a six-issue series called "Blood and Water." Illustrated by Tomm Coker, the book concerns a young man who's dying but learns his friends have the key to eternal life: vampirism.

  • Writer Warren Ellis also has an upcoming Vertigo project, a space-based mystery called "Orbiter." Illustrated by Colleen Doran, the book focuses on the return of a long-missing space shuttle, its sole survivor and the secrets he and the ship itself are holding.

  • Marvel EIC Joe Quesada said he can't foresee the adults-only MAX imprint taking on fantasy titles the way DC Comics' Vertigo line has done. "Vertigo is known for elves and fairies," he said. "We don't really do elves and fairies - unless we're blowing their brains out."

  • Speaking of the busy Quesada, don't expect to see any regular artistic work from him anytime soon. "The day I can do a monthly is the day I'm no longer editor in chief," he said. Fans of his "Ash" comic from Event Comics also shouldn't hold their breath waiting for that character to return, he said.

  • Fans of the Dark Knight Detective should be excited about the new creative team on "Batman," writer Jeph Loeb and artist Jim Lee. DC editor Bob Schreck sure is. Villains such as Killer Croc, Catwoman and Poison Ivy already are slated to appear, he announced. "Get ready for an amazing ride," Schreck said. "You're going to have a lot of fun."

  • Schreck also praised upcoming "Green Arrow" writer and author Brad Meltzer, who takes over the Emerald Archer's title with issue #16. Fans likely will notice some subtle differences between Meltzer's work and current scribe Kevin Smith's popular run. "There's less potty words," Schreck said.

  • Green Arrow also figures largely in the upcoming "Green Lantern/Green Arrow" mini-series. The six-issue tale from writers Judd Winick and Ben Raab and artist Charlie Adlard pits Oliver Queen and Kyle Rayner against an intergalactic crime syndicate - and each other. The first issue likely will hit stores early next year.

  • Writer Mark Waid encouraged fans to buy copies of "Fantastic Four" #60 - which will be priced at a mere 9 cents - by throwing dimes into the crowd at a Marvel panel. "Hey, who wants a copy?" he said gleefully as he tossed the coins.

  • Marvel editor Tom Brevoort said the company expects to lose money on the 9-cent special. "But we hope that enough people will see it and get hooked on it and come back for 'Fantastic Four' #61, #62 and #63," he said.

Justin Ponsor
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