Wizard World Philly: Lowe Talks "Messiah Complex"

Almost nobody has faced more hardship in the Marvel Universe than Mutantkind; Homo Superior is both feared and hated by humanity, and recently was almost wiped out by one of its own kind. Now, Mutants are teetering on the brink of extinction as a species, but this October an event will occur that could save them or lead to their total destruction. That event is the storyline entitled "Messiah Complex" and whatever it's outcome it's sure to mean big things for the X-Men titles. CBR News spoke with Editor Nick Low about the epic storyline.

For X-Men fans, "Messiah Complex" represents a pay off to a story that's been building for awhile now. "Messiah Complex is what all the X-Men stories since 'House of M' have been leading up to," Lowe told CBR News. "All of the major story elements (from the Sentinels and O.N.E. to the Marauder storyline in 'X-Men') culminate here. 'Endangered Species' helps simplify the mutants' situation leading up to the big shebang."

The big shebang begins in October and then the thirteen part "Messiah Complex" storyline goes weekly from November until January. "We laugh at other events that are mini-series," Lowe said. "Ours is the real deal.   It starts in a one-shot and then goes into the regular main X-Books.   And they're written by the regular writers of the book.   So Ed Brubaker is writing the 'Uncanny X-Men' chapters, Peter David is writing the 'X-Factor' chapters, Craig Kyle and Chris Yost are writing the 'New X-Men' chapters and Mike Carey is writing the 'X-Men' issues.   The one shot is being written by Captain America's murderer Ed Brubaker with art by Marc Silvestri!"

With the exception of the one-shot, "Messiah Complex" will run entirely through the X-books. There won't be any mini-series that ties into the event. "We planned this event much like the X-Crossovers of old, and we wanted it to be very self-contained.," Lowe explained. "And since it is 13-parts, we didn't want the reader-investment to be too insane."

As fans may have guessed by the David Finch cover to "X-Men" #200, the X-books feature a large cast and readers can expect many of them to play parts in one, if not more than one of Messiah Complex's thirteen chapters. "The Finch X-Men #200 cover is more of a cover representing the history of X-Men, not necessarily the characters in that book.   This crossover, however, takes all the casts of the four books involved plus a bunch of villains.   It's very big!"

In addition to the host of familiar faces, readers shouldn't be surprised if they see a new face or two make their debut during Messiah Complex. "There'll be at least one character you haven't met yet," Lowe stated.

Readers can expect plenty of the villainous characters in the X-Universe to play significant roles in "Messiah Complex." "On the first cover you can see Mister Sinister and Mystique, so you know they're going to be huge in the story," Lowe remarked. "But they're not the only ones.   You'll see someone you'll never expect take a very villainous turn."

A character taking a villainous turn is certain to be just one of a number of shocking twists and bombshell revelations that take place during "Messiah Complex." "Something happens in the first chapter that galvanizes the X-Men side of the Marvel U," Lowe explained. "It is an event so huge, that the characters are forced to pick and change their stations and points-of-view.   The title has several meanings and can be focused on several characters.   But it's one character in particular that takes the full meaning of the word 'Messiah.'"

Readers can expect the action in "Messiah Complex" to unfold in a variety of familiar locales. "It takes place all around America," Lowe said. "Right in your backyard.   Yes, your backyard."

When "Messiah Complex" wraps, readers can expect the repercussions of the story will have a huge impact on the X-Men's corner of the Marvel U. Lowe said, "This event will change the status quo for the X-Men for years to come."

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