Wizard World launches ComicConBox subscription service

Wizard World is expanding beyond pop-culture conventions and into subscription box services with ComicConBox.

Like Loot Crate and other similar services, ComicConBox offers subscribers monthly shipments containing toys and collectibles, artwork, games, gadgets and apparel. Plus, this being Wizard World, there are also convention tickets and VIP discounts.

The service is priced at $29.99 a month, with the first box shipping around April 30.

"ComicConBox brings everything Comic Con to the doorsteps of fans every month," Wizard World CEO John Macaluso said in a statement. "Wizard World's unique access to leaders in the entertainment industry and some of the most popular celebrities, creators and publishers means that ComicConBox will have the best quality and variation of products possible."

Wizard World's subscription box service follows on the heels of the Marvel Collector Corps, launched in January by Funko and Marvel. The convention producer also recently partnered with Cinedigm to launch the digital media channel ConTV.

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