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Wizard World LA Saturday Photo Parade

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Wizard World LA Saturday Photo Parade

Saturday marked the first full day of Wizard World LA (in Long Beach) and we’ve got the pictures to prove it. While just roaming the floor it didn’t seem quite as busy as last year, that could be due to the fact that they added 45,000 square feet of additional floor space this year. It could be that it simply spread attendees out a bit further, or maybe the rain in Southern California kept some people from making the trek down to Long Beach. Either way, there were plenty of creators to talk with and a handfull of costumed folk to mock. Oh, and before I forget, either I’m getting older or the costumed folk are getting faster. Slow down so I can catch you kids in the act!

OK, let’s get to it.

So we’re off to see the Wizard…wait a second? What the hell is this? Oh, phew! Seriously confused for a moment.
The New Threesome – AiT/Planet Lar’s Mimi Rosenheim, Larry Young and Adam Beechen Ale Garza
Batman and the first time I’ve ever seen an Abin Sur. Nice. “Video” creator Stephen Buell and publisher Jeffrey Davidson
The DC booth gives away 200 copies of the “Batman Begins” one-sheet poster free and people go mad! More of the crazy madness. People can be such shnorrers!
Atomika” inker Buzz Low-rent Captain America
CBLDF’s Charles Brownstein Amanda Connor thinks Justin Gray could do with some ink.
Dan Wickline Erik Larsen
Speakeasy’s Adam Fortier and Chris Stone Artist Francesco positions himself ever so perfectly with She-Dragon.
Gail Simone Sean Galloway, J. Torres and Todd Nauck
George Perez sketches for a fan. Ford Gilmore and John Cassaday
Greg Horn Greg Rucka
Jeff Henderson and Christian Gossett share a private moment. “The Supernaturalists” Anne Marie Horne and Patrick Neighly
I don’t know. Something. So this guy had a sign on his table that said, “Tips appreciated.” Here’s one: remove the poncho and sombrero, sir.
Jim Mahfood John Paul Leon
Elk’s Run” writer Joshua Hale Fialkov Aspen’s Koi Turnbull
(L-R) Richard & Tonya Horie, Shannon Denton, Lance Karutz, James Denning, Danny Miki and Chris Long Jeremy Love, Chip Mosher and Charlie Chu all looking at completely different crap.
Artist Mark Brooks In case you were wondering, that’s the Marvel booth.
Comic Book Idol 2 contestant Micah Gunnel Mike S. Miller
Danny Miki and “Easy Way” writer Christopher Long Mora” creator Paul Harmon
The Gift’s” Raven Gregory Jimmy Jay and Rob Liefed chat.
Roman Dirge Ron Marz
“Saw” writer Leigh Whannell and director James Wan Sean Chen
Richard Starkings & Chris Staros Steve Niles brings the sass to Wizard World LA!
We’re Super. We’re Heroes.

We really shouldn’t wear these costumes outside of convetnions.

Art Thibert, Shannon Dention and Sean Galloway
We’re Super. We’re Heroes. We really shouldn’t wear these costumes in downtown Long Beach.
Some dude doing his thing. Some green dude doing his thing, yo.
“Excuse me, Mr. Hulk, would you mind watching my baby while I hit the head?” Fans line up to meet some Marvel creators. (L-R) Danny Miki, Joe Quesada, some guy on a phone, guy with his back to us talking to guy we can’t make out…
Manga Girl Manga Girls
‘Lil Robin Dude! ‘Lil Robin Dude, 20 years later.
Mech Fighter Dude, front view. He promptly transformed in to a plane, lit those engines and flew out of the convention center, killing four small children in the process. Not cool.
Aliens Vs. Predator – Point Predator Shogun Thing Guy with a serious case of pink eye and Low-Rent Ultimate Captain America in the background showing off his Kung Fu Action.

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