Wizard World LA, Day 3: Photo Parade

Well, Day 3 of the Wizard World show in Los Angeles (Long Beach) seemed a bit slow, but that's to be expected on a Sunday. It was a nice day in Long Beach, though, as the sun finally decided to come out and greet us sun fearing comic fans! Joss Whedon was definitely the highlight panel of the day (Look to Hannibal Tabu's Comic Reel Wrap for Monday for more information), but the floor itself was rarely crowded, except for maybe the Marvel or DC booths depending on who was signing. Not as many costumed kids either, which made this con-photo-taking-junkie a bit sad. There were two who got away, but that's it. So not too much mocking to do today, but plenty of comic industry faces to get familiar with. Let's get to it.

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