Wizard World Organizing Ghostbusters Fan Fest for Film’s 35th Anniversary

In anticipation of next year's 35th anniversary of the hit comedy film Ghostbusters, Wizard World, Ghost Corps and Sony Pictures have announced that they will team up for the Ghostbusters Fan Fest live event June 8-9, 2019.

Taking place at Ghost Corps headquarters, located on the Sony Pictures Studio Lot in Culver City, CA, the event will feature exclusive panels, chances to meet the Ghostbusters creators, and even augmented and virtual reality games.

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"Wizard World is proud to team with Sony Pictures and Ghost Corps to celebrate the anniversary of a film which has been the source of enjoyment for so many of our fans over the years,"Wizard World CEO John D. Maatta said in a statement.. "We are honored that these keepers of the Ghostbusters legacy have entrusted us with producing the high-quality events that we are known for, and are pleased to continue our IP collaboration with Sony Pictures in such a significant way. Sony Pictures continues to be creative and innovative in all of our dealing with them."

"Ghostbusters continues to have a strong fanbase across the world and we are pleased to celebrate the 35th anniversary with a collaboration with Wizard World," EVP of Brand Strategy and Global Partnerships for Sony Pictures Jeffrey Godsick added. "We know they will create great experiences at all of their conventions, and they are pulling out all the stops in creating the ultimate fan experience for the Ghostbusters Fan Fest next year."

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The official celebration kicks off tomorrow, on June 8, which is the 34th anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters. Any fan cosplaying in Ghostbusters gear at Wizard World Comic Con Columbus this weekend can visit the Special Guest Registration booth to receive free single-day admission to the upcoming event.

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