Wizard Calls Brian Wood's "Demo" Indy of the Year

Official Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO (November 24, 2004) AiT/Planet Lar publisher Larry Young congratulated writer Brian Wood and artist Becky Cloonan today on their monthly title DEMO being honored by WIZARD magazine as "Indy of the Year."

"When Bri pitched me the idea behind DEMO, I thought it was so good, it made me re-evaluate our trade paperbacks-only business model," said Young. "In order to stay an innovative company and live up to our motto, "Making Comics Better," we need to be flexible to meet the needs of our creators, as well as our customers, the comic book retailers, and our audience, the readers and fans. When Brian told me Becky was on-board for art and anxious to change up her style each issue to fit the thematic tone of the story, I knew we could cover all those bases with the project. It's a home run."

Robert Scott, proprietor of Comickaze Comics and More in San Diego, said, "More often than not, DEMO has been our answer to, 'Is there anything new and exciting I should know about?' Now I see why AiT took a crack at a monthly again!"

"So impressive and so different," said AiT editor and publisher Mimi Rosenheim. "We were very proud to help Brian and Becky expand the limits of their creative potential… DEMO went from romance to action to politics to horror, with a mini graphic novel every month. It's monthly proof that comics are all about the story and not just the format or publishing plan. Not just superheroes, it's the good stories in a graphic format that comics deliver on."

"Easily one of the most compelling titles in comics today," said Chris Powell, general manager of Lone Star Comics, the largest comics retailer in Texas. "Wood and Cloonan have styles that mesh perfectly and each issue goes right to the top of my 'must read' pile. Congratulations!"

Joe Field, proprietor of the award-winning pop culture store Flying Colors Comics and Other Cool Stuff, and respected columnist for COMICS AND GAMES RETAILER magazine, says, "DEMO is the series that brings hope back to monthly comics. Each issue is packed with value in storytelling, in engaging characters and in very cool bonus extras. Read it and reap!"

Ryan Penagos, WIZARD's price guide editor, said, "DEMO has been twelve issues of some of the most brilliant, touching, thought-provoking and flat-out most beautiful comics I've ever read. It's the rare series of single issues that not only has an eternal shelf-life thanks to the format, but can command evergreen shelf-space because of its deft, honest and remarkable content."

All issues of DEMO are in-print and available everywhere.

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