Witty superhero business cards perfectly sum up iconic crime fighters

Many comic book crime fighters are content to let a pile of unconscious criminals be their calling card. Maybe a few of them affix a note to one of the hog-tied bad guys, but that's about it. But what if superheroes had business cards like every other working person? A batch of superhero business cards have appeared at 123 Print's blog; a team of designers at the UK company created a set of business cards for Marvel and DC heroes, each one customized to the hero's personality and line of work.

The business cards feature a lot of graphic design innovation and specific references. Daredevil's is done in braille, Captain America's touts his World War II history, Green Arrow's addresses his signature weapon and Spider-Man's incorporates the hero's agility in a surprising way.

You can see all of the cards on 123 Print's blog.

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