Witness the First Kill in Opening 8 Minutes of MTV's 'Scream'

MTV's "Scream: The TV Series" doesn't officially debut until June 30, but the network has released the first 8 minutes from the horror series based on the classic horror franchise that begin in 1996.

While the original "Scream," written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven, utilized some meta elements and frequent references to other horror films, the new series builds on that and adds a healthy dose of both social media satire and terror, with the new killer using text messages and video to stalk his prey.

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But if social media satire and scantily-clad teens spouting snappy dialogue aren't your thing, the horror arrives early with the new killer -- that's right, Ghostface is no more -- claiming his first victim in the opening sequence.

"Scream: The TV Series" premieres June 30 on MTV.

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