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Without a Trace: 15 Missing Marvel Characters

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Without a Trace: 15 Missing Marvel Characters

The life of a comic book supporting cast member is a rough one. By definition, you’re not who people are coming to see, so you might not even show up in any given issue. Plus, when it comes time for comic book writers to want to kill off a character for shock value, the first place they look is the supporting cast of the hero of the comic book. However, even if you somehow manage to make it through without dying, there is a very good chance that you will be dropped from the title whenever they make a change in the creative team of the comic.

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This list, then, takes an alphabetical look at 15 comic book characters who were once important characters in some of Marvel’s most popular comic book titles, but then vanished from the title and pretty much from the Marvel Universe itself. All of these characters are still alive but have not been involved in a comic book storyline for at least four years (most far longer than that). Hopefully a comic book writer will see one of these names and want to give them another chance!


One of the first things that David Michelinie and Bob Layton did when they took over the writing duties on “Iron Man” was to expand the supporting cast of the book, but more specifically, expand Tony Stark’s employees at Stark International, under the theory that there would be a number of people he would have a lot to do with, so they should pop up with some frequency. Their most notable addition to the cast was Tony Stark’s pilot, James Rhodes, who would eventually become a superhero in his own right when he took over for Tony and then became War Machine.

However, another notable character that they introduced was Tony Stark’s wise-cracking (but also just plain ol’ wise) secretary, Mrs. Arbogast. She slowly rose up the ranks as the series went along, eventually becoming a manager. Then Tony Stark “died” soon before Heroes Reborn and she was out of the book for over a decade until Matt Fraction had her as one of the investors in a new company that Tony created during Fraction’s run. She hasn’t been seen since 2012.


Morgana Blessing first met Doctor Strange when they were both in a bank during a hold-up. When she learned who he was, she tried to get him to consult with her on a book that she was working on. He agreed and while they were working together, Doctor Strange’s lover, Clea, determined that Morgana and Strange had been lovers in a number of past lives and that they were destined to be together. She actually left Doctor Strange because she felt that she was keeping him from his destiny. While he fought it for a while, Strange actually did end up dating Blessing.

While they were dating, he had to actually take control of her body for a time during an alien invasion when his own body was damaged. The situation was a bit too weird and they broke up. She showed up again after having written a book about Strange during a period when she thought that he was dead. Strange was mad at the book, but they made up and became good friends again. She dated Strange’s brother, who was a vampire who killed himself after realizing he couldn’t stop killing other people. Morgana has not been seen since, so roughly 25 years now.


Amazingly enough for someone who was such a big part of a number of major “X-Men” storylines, Dr. Peter Corbeau actually first debuted in an “Incredible Hulk” story. Corbeau was a college roommate of Bruce Banner’s, and he was asked to use some of his research to help cure a captured Hulk. He came up with a way to use the sun’s rays to temporarily cure Banner. Even at this point, Corbeau was best known for his impressive satellite station, Starcore.

Corbeau also turned out to be old friends of Professor Charles Xavier, and when some of the X-Men were kidnapped into outer space by Sentinels, it was Corbeau who supplied the ship that the X-Men used to rescue their missing friends. On the way back, though, the ship was damaged and Jean Grey had to absorb Corbeau’s flying knowledge to land the plane. When they crashed back on Earth, Jean turned into the Phoenix. Corbeau helped Xavier track the Phoenix, but after the “Dark Phoenix Saga” ended, Corbeau was gone from the limelight. He hasn’t been seen since 2000.


The X-Men have weird things happen to them all the time, usually involving time travel, but even within the realm of the X-Men, what happened to Tom Corsi stands out as odd (although sadly not unique). When Dani Moonstar was being hunted down by the Demon Bear, she was taken to a medical center in Westchester County. The Demon Bear followed her there and discovered Tom, a cop, and Sharon Friedlander, a nurse. He transformed them into his slaves. The X-Men freed them, but the process left both Tom and Sharon now stuck as Native Americans with enhanced strength.

Tom and Sharon ended up going to work for Xavier, serving as teachers and support staff for the X-Men both in the United States and on Muir Isle, where Tom was a member of the so-called “Muir Isle X-Men” (a group of of mutants and humans who had to come together to fight off a Reaver invasion of Muir Isle). When the X-Men moved to Utopia, Tom came along for the ride, but hasn’t been seen since then, nearly seven years ago.

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