With this 'Star Wars' droid helmet, you can speak like R2-D2

Your childhood dream of understanding R2-D2's beeps and whistles has come true. Well, sort of.

Electronics designer AE Innovations has developed Star Wars Droid "Translator" Helmets that not only resembles the lovable little astromech, but also turns whatever the wearer says into binary (aka droidspeak). What's more, if you and a friend are each wearing one of the helmets, you'll be able to understand each other while everyone else is searching for the nearest protocol droid.

Of course, "Translator" is in quotes for a reason; the helmet doesn't actually translate anything. As AE Innovations explains on Hackster,  "These helmets really do work, but like special effects -- they are using some smoke and mirrors.  The droid 'language' being emitted is meaningless gibberish." The helmet merely senses you're talking, and emits those beeps and whistles. However, the helmet also transmits your actual voice to other helmets.

You can't simply buy the droid helmet, though: It's, alas, a DIY project. AE Innovations provides schematics, a components list and insight into is development process on Hackster. But note that his probably isn't a good undertaking for beginners.

(via Engadget)

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