With this spectacular Spider-Man backpack, your fashion sense will be tingling

For as iconic as Spider-Man's costume is, it's not very practical. Oh, sure, it disguises the wall-crawler's identity and hugs tightly to his body, allowing him freedom to jump and flip and climb -- you know, whatever a spider can. But where does he put his wallet or his phone. There don't appear to be any pockets in that thing, and even if there were, those house keys would create an unsightly bulge.

But luckily for ol' web-head, there's the Marvel x MadPax Spider-Man Backpack.

Boasting a "hard-sided" shell, the backpack has a raised spider-emblem so as to maintain that superhero branding. On the downside, Peter Parker might have some explaining to do if he wears it to class, home to Aunt May or to the Daily Bugle. But, hey, a secret identity is a small price to pay for a stylish backpack that can carry a tablet, a camera, textbooks and more.

It's available, in red or black, for $85 from ThinkGeek.

(via Geeks Are Sexy)

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