With this DIY Cyclops visor, you can shoot fire from your eyes

We've spotlighted a number of ill-advised do-it-yourself projects, many of which are virtually guaranteed to cause harm to the user, bystanders or their surroundings (quite possibly all three): working Iron Man gauntlets, with lasers and missiles; a lightsaber flamethrower; Magneto shoes; a "Mad Max"-style flame-throwing guitar ... However, those look downright kid-safe when compared to this flame-throwing Cyclops visor.

Created by Allen Pan, who was behind that electromagnetic Mjolnir prank and the aforementioned lightsaber, the X-Men-inspired build employs a welding helmet, fuel tank, pump, pilot lights and nozzles to fire twin streams of flame from the wearer's face. Seems perfectly safe.

Pan gets fancy in the video below, painting a flaming "X" on a concrete wall, and popping a trio of balloon targets labeled "The Last Stand," "Origins: Wolverine" and "Apocalypse." See? The visor can unleash fire and film criticism!

(via Engadget)

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