With 'Supreme Power' comes... 7 Page preview of new series

[Supreme Power #1 (Special Edition)]Late Friday Marvel Comics issued a seven-page preview of "Supreme Power" #1, the new ongoing Marvel MAX series from J. Michael Straczynski and Gary Frank hitting stores this Wednesday. Marvel included in their release the following "Look for details regarding 'Supreme Power's' record-breaking achievement next week."

In addition to the regular edition of the book there's a limited edition "Supreme Power #1 (Special Edition)" that contains the 22-page story from the standard edition, plus:

  • A special variant cover by Joe Quesada.
  • 15 pages of character sketches, and concept & design art by Gary Frank.
  • The first-ever full-color reprints of 'Avengers' Vol. 1, #85-86, featuring the original appearance of the Squadron Supreme, the classic Marvel team that inspired 'Supreme Power.'
  • Plus an introduction by Ralph Macchio, editor of Mark Gruenwald's landmark 'Squadron Supreme' maxi-series.

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