With 'Star Wars' in AR, you could fight a Stormtrooper in the toy aisle

If the action of Star Wars Battlefront simply isn't immersive enough for you, just imagine a scenario in which Stormtroopers are waiting for you in the parking lot, and intergalactic bounty hunters lurk in the produce section of the supermarket. In augmented reality, of course.

The mysterious Trixi Studios explores that possibility in a video showing test footage captured using Google Android's Project Tango development kit. We're treated not only to a rolling BB-8, but also to Boba Fett and Stormtroopers exchanging fire with the user.

Thankfully, however, the Stormtroopers' aim isn't any better in augmented reality than it is on film.

The footage is reminiscent of the trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Go game, although Trixi Studios emphasizes, "This video does not demonstrate a product in active development; it is just to show the possibilities of available Mixed Reality technology. No copyright is claimed in content. We are just huge fans of Star Wars!"

(via Mashable)

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