With release of 'Flash' #36, news spreads of André Coelho's death

Today DC Comics released The Flash #36, an issue that represents the final work of Brazilian artist André Coelho. His death, while not widely reported until today, occurred in mid-October, as noted by this Oct. 20 MeiaLua memorial podcast. DC dedicated the issue of The Flash to the 35-year-old artist.

Co-writer Van Jensen also paid tribute to Coelho on his blog, writing, "He was an incredible artist, able to convey so much emotion into every panel. André also was always as nice as could be, responding to any request with a simple, 'No problem!'"

Coehlo, who began his comics career in 1999, worked for a number of publishers, including Marvel (2008's Ms. Marvel #27) and more recently DC Comics, on such issues as 2013's Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #3 and this year's Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller.

ROBOT 6 reached out today to two of Coelho's recent collaborators, Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion writer Brian Buccellato and Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller writer Jim Zub.

Brian Buccellato:

Although we only collaborated briefly on Rogues Rebellion, in my experience André was a talented and professional artist. His work had real mood and energy. Condolences to his family. He will be missed.

Jim Zub:

I'm really sorry to hear of Andre's passing and wish his family well during this difficult time.

The Amanda Waller one-shot is currently the only in-continuity worked I've had published by Marvel or DC. André did a wonderful job balancing the storytelling and acting elements on a tough script I put together. He was a professional through and through, eager to deliver something he was proud of and doing it on time. You couldn't ask for more than that. Editor Brian Cunningham and I were thrilled with how the issue turned out.

He and I sent a few emails back and forth talking about possibly pitching a creator-owned project together, but it fell through the cracks with both of our busy schedules.

For an idea of the variety of projects that Coelho pursued, visit his Twitter, blog and deviantART pages.

ROBOT 6 extends its condolences to Coelho's family and friends.

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