With Converse's Ultraman sneakers, you can kick some kaiju tail

Converse is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ultraman with a sneaker collection that pays tribute to the Japanese superhero and two of his iconic enemies.

The All Star Ultraman R HI mimics the design of the hero himself, with red and blue patches reminiscent of his Color Timer, while the All Star Eleking R HI sports a mottled black-and-white pattern and glows in the dark. The low-cut All Star Vartan Say Jin R Slip OX replicates the color and texture of the alien ninja Baltan.

And if you place together the soles of each pair of shoes, they form the image of the corresponding characters.

There is a catch, however: The Converse x Ultraman collection is only available in Japan, which means you may have to get a little creative with your shopping.

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(via Hypebeast, Clutter)

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