With an Aquaman board, this surfer rules the seven seas

Aquaman has spent the better part of three decades as the butt of jokes, but the tide seems about to turn with the character's appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and subsequent Warner Bros. films. Perhaps hoping to catch that wave, one Redditor created his own trident surfboard to go with his orange-and-gold Aquaman attire.

"A friend of mine recently had the funny thought of putting together an Aquaman look for going to the beach," Z1stCNTRYdgtlBOY wrote. "I decided I liked this idea, so I ran with it a bit. This is an old board that I bought used on the cheap. [...] I spent the past 2.5 months refurbing the fiberglass and then giving it a new paint job, with the idea that the stringer would be Aquaman's trident. I just christened it this morning, and it rides like a dream. I got an orange rasher and green shorts to complete the Aquaman look."

The result is pretty spectacular. Of course, another Redditor pointed out that it's not actually a "trident," as it has five prongs instead of three. To that, however, Z1stCNTRYdgtlBOY had the perfect response: "No. You see, it's Aquaman's trident. It has three prongs, plus two extra because Aquaman does what he wants."

Indeed, he does.

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