With a Game Boy mini-fridge, you'll be the coolest kid in the dorm

My year stuck in the university dorms would've been so much more tolerable if I'd only had this amazing Game Boy mini-fridge, and maybe a different roommate.

Called "Cold Boy," it's the work of Daniel d'Entremont, aka ModPurist, who transformed a run-of-the-mill dorm refrigerator into a super-sized, playable replica of the classic Nintendo hand-held device. Of course, it's no longer "hand-held."

D'Entremont took apart the refrigerator door, inserted a PC monitor and added large wooden buttons, which are wired to a USB keyboard. It's all powered by a Raspberry Pi 2.

He admits that gameplay is "a bit awkward," explaining, "it functions as a Game Boy, but is so large I found myself basically punching the buttons." Plus, again, you can't exactly hold the Cold Boy. But, really, who cares about that? It's a Game Boy mini-fridge!

(via Neatorama)

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