With a cat-eared motorcycle helmet, you can let the fur fly

Forget all of those other custom motorcycle helmets -- Batman, Attack on Titan, Iron Man, assorted superheroes -- these cat-eared helmets are probably the ones you want, at least if you're Selina Kyle, a sci-fi superhero, the pilot of a large mecha or a famous DJ.

The Neko-Helmets were introduced in 2011 by Russian company Nitrinos motostudio, which has since developed four styles that come in a range of colors and patterns. You can choose from the sleek single-color model (let's call that the "Daft Punk"), the two-color, the three-color or, if you're feeling particularly wild, the complex "aerography" design (with eyes, fur patterns, mouth, the works).

Ranging in price from $495 to $660, the Neko-Helmets are made to order in about three weeks.

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(via Rocket News24)

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