The Witcher Gets Samurai Jack Animation Treatment in New Short

A fan short reimagines The Witcher in the iconic animation style of Genddy Tartakovsky's Samurai Jack.

The popular fantasy franchise gets a fully animated makeover in the short fan film "SAMURAI WITCHER: Geralt vs. The Griffin". The titular dark fantasy character takes on monstrous beast deep in the woods with Tartakovsky's signature clean-lined, sharp-angled animation in a bloody battle to the death.


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The combination of The Witcher's gritty, grounded fantasy with Samurai Jack's hyperkinetic action choreography pairs surprisingly well. The short is directed by Jason Dewey and Liam McKeown with the latter director also animating the film. Despite drawing influence from Tartakovsky, the short doesn't pull its punches with graphic, bloody violence on full display as Geralt battles the beast.

A live action television adaptation of The Witcher is currently deep in pre-production at Netflix and is expected to begin casting soon. With this gorgeously rendered fan adaptation boasting tight, effective action sequences and atmospheric animation, perhaps the creative team should take some visual inspiration from this short fan film as they develop their own official take on Andrzej Sapkowski's classic fantasy character.

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