The Witcher's World Expands With New Comic Miniseries

The Witcher: Of Flesh and Flame

Geralt of Rivera will pursue a mystery in the new Dark Horse Comics miniseries The Witcher: Of Flesh and Flame.

Written by Aleksandra Motyka, who penned script for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, and illustrated by Marianna Strychowska, the four-issue miniseries from Dark Horse and CD PROJEKT RED finds the title character Geralt of Rivera called away from his usual pursuit of hunting monsters to help an old friend solve a mystery involving his daughter. However, this being the world of the Witcher, everything isn't so simple as that, and Geralt is catapulted into an adventure that he couldn’t see coming.

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Of Flesh and Flame will mark the fifth Witcher title published by Dark Horse, following House of Glass, Fox Children, Curse of Crows and the standalone Killing Monsters.

The Witcher: Of Flesh and Flame

The announcement of the new comic arrives amid intense interest in The Witcher, following the casting of Man of Steel star Henry Cavill in the Netflix live-action adaptation.

The Witcher: Of Flesh and Flame, written by Aleksandra Motyka and illustrated by Marianna Strychowska, is scheduled for release in comic stores and digitally on Dec. 19.

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