"Witchblade" Turns 100 And Features a Linsner Cover

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Official Press Release

You've definitely come a long way, baby.

Top Cow Productions' Witchblade reaches an important milestone this summer, as the long-running and much-beloved title hits #100 in July. Ongoing writer Ron Marz will bridge the gap between the old and new, scribing a story to be drawn, primarily, by two artists. Outgoing artist Mike Choi, who has been with the book since #80, passes the torch to new artist Adriana Melo (Star Wars: Empire, Birds of Prey). In addition, a bevy of guest artists including Marc Silvestri (Hunter-Killer), Billy Tan (X-Men), Randy Green (New X-Men), and Christian Gossett (The Red Star) will also contribute pages.

In addition to guest artists galore, Marz promises major events that will shake the title's status quo. "The recent 10th Anniversary issue in Witchblade #92 was really about the Witchblade's past, finally revealing where it came from and giving a glimpse of the past bearers," Marz said. "Issue #100 is very much about looking forward, about the future of the Witchblade and the future of Sara Pezzini. By the time the readers get to the last page of #100, we'll have paid off plot threads that have been building since I first took over the book, and laid the groundwork for what's to come in the next year. And I guarantee the next year is going to be the most turbulent year this book has ever had."

For hints of what may be coming down the pike, look no further than Image Comics Future Shock, the Free Comic Book Day offering hitting streets on Free Comic Book Day, May 6.

Witchblade #100 will clock in at 48 pages, with a $4.99 cover price. Four regular covers will be available, with art from Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, Mike Choi, and an "Anime" version based on the original Witchblade anime developed by Gonzo Animation now showing on Japanese TV. A fifth incentive cover from Dawn artist Joseph Michael Linsner will also be available.

"One hundred has that special ring to it of something that matters, doesn't it?" asked Top Cow CEO Marc Silvestri. "Like the 100th episode of a favorite TV show or a beloved relative reaching that 100th birthday. Big chunks of time are measured by centuries tied up in neat 100-year bundles. Notable moments in our history are often referenced by what 100-year span those moments occurred in. One hundred will always have some meaning, some history, some importance behind it.

"For us over at Top Cow, celebrating 100 issues of our iconic character means we've accomplished longevity, that despite the odds we're still here and still doing what we love. For the character herself, 100 means a depth and substance and an almost tangible feeling of being real that only time can bring.

"For the reader, 100 issues means a long relationship with a character they've grown to love and understand and have a real empathy for. The best of those characters have a strange and wonderful way of returning that same love, understanding and empathy to the reader. And the enduring quality of Sara and the Witchblade, is the ability to do just that. This enduring quality is thanks to all the talented writers and artists who've given her life, and all the fans who've followed her adventures, and suffered in her pains, and relished in her joys. That is why Witchblade is turning 100. And that is why she's special.

"Thank you all!"

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